No Bad Endings

If you have the time (and some tissues handy) you simply must read When Bad Things Happen by Ann at Holy Experience. It melted my world this morning and brought me to worship on the fullness of God’s grace.

Here’s a taste of what she has to say:

God’s story lines in the lives of His children are formulaic: they are all good. The events may jarringly twist and surprise, even seem to pry out our heart, chunk by mangled chunk, but, in the fullness of time, there are no bad endings.

Praise God for the perfect ending that awaits in glory!

2 responses to “No Bad Endings”

  1. What a blessing Ann’s post was to me today. Yes, I cried and cried. I was ordering Elisabeth Elliot’s book Be Still My Soul and one of the reviews was from a woman who could not stomach the “Calvinistic” idea that God is also the author of the painful things in our lives. My heart was aching as I read, and I prayed for her. What peace and joy we find in the truth clearly set forth in God’s infallible word that He is in EVERYTHING and it’s all grace!


  2. Wow! Holy Experience is one of my very favorite blogs. It is so neat to discover that we’ve been “sharing” this all this time, who knew — I’ll enjoy it that much more, knowing that you guys are reading it too!

    Okay, I’ll stop before I get all misty and start singing Somewhere Out There.


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