Yummy Goodness

I can’t wait to get this yummy goodness in me!
What are some of your favorite summer meals?

3 responses to “Yummy Goodness”

  1. Okay, move over girl…you have room for me at your dinner table??? That looks absolutely “summer de-licious!!” I continue to read your blog daily and continue to be inspired by your insights and thoughts. Your ocean vacation looked like an amazingly fun family time =) I also pray for you daily…for strength as well as complete healing! You are one amazing woman ~ Loving you from the sunny and beautiful great northwest! Jan


  2. have you ever tried making pizza on the grill? I hear it really tasty. First you cook/crisp both sides of the dough on the grill. then you take it off, add the sauce, cheese, toppings, and then put it back on until the cheese is melted and it’s nice and warm. we haven’t tried it yet ourselves. but, it has to be good. Grilled Pizza. MMM…i do wish I could eat cheese at times like this!


  3. Beth Zarlenga Avatar
    Beth Zarlenga

    That looks delightful dear friend….do you think you can FedEx some of that to St. Louis…I think Baby Zarlenga would throughly enjoy it….but only if it comes accompanied with you…:)

    Praying for you and sending much love!
    Beth and Little Baby Z.


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