Our week in Ocean City was delightful in almost every way. Sure, we had our moments (doesn’t every family?), but those are already long-forgotten. The wonderfulness overpowers.

The highlights? Two nights on the boardwalk with our little ones. The boys all rode the ferris wheel together, and Audrey reveled in the “horsies”. Asher learned to boogie-board, and declared that it was, “The best day of his life ever!” (Guess it topped fishing with Tiff on the day of my surgery.) Micah tried his hand at boogie-boarding as well. Considering he was terrified of the water, he made a valiant effort. Instead, Micah became “Awesome”, the super-hero, punching waves and living, as always, in his beautiful world of make-believe.

It was refreshing to view the world through their eyes. And they definitely did NOT want to leave, can you tell?


My favorite story of the week, though, happened when we arrived home and I was putting Audrey to bed. Once we rocked, read, sang, and rocked some more, I laid her in her crib. She sat up, grabbed her stack of board books, and cried out, “Audee fwiends!” Oh, how that was music to my ears!

It was so good to be together away from it all for a week. And can I just reiterate one more time, in case y’all forgot, how much I LOVE this man!

Enjoy more wonderfulness in our gallery!

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