Give Us, O Lord…

…thankful hearts which never forget
Your goodness to us.
Give us, O Lord, grateful
hearts, which do not waste
time complaining.

~Thomas Aquinas

Grape jelly smile smeared across chubby cheeks.

Time. Breathing life together.

The sound of Brian’s voice reading to our children.

Bathtub rings. Remnants of fun-filled days.

Growth. Tossing the wigs to wear my very short hair.

Music filling the walls of our home with its thousand harmonies.

Stumblings as Asher reads on his very own.

Learning from my mistakes. So many lessons.

Early morning snuggles and sweet kisses from my little one.

Progressive dinners. Fellowship for hours with friends old and new.

Tiny voice singing herself to sleep each afternoon.

Paint-stained fingers. Working on projects.

Fresh fruits and veggies from the local stand.

Dancing. Whirling through the kitchen with my children. Falling down in violent laughter.

Phone calls. Connecting with far away friends. Sharing life together the best we can.

Folding laundry. Remembering what my little ones were doing when last they wore the clothes in my hands.

The way my baby’s head fits perfectly under my chin as if God designed that special nook precisely for her.

Swim lessons. The excitement of learning new things every day.

“Jesus died on the cross for ME!”


3 responses to “Give Us, O Lord…”

  1. I love your short hair! 🙂 I love you! So good to talk on Saturday and catch up. Thanking my God for every remembrance of you tonight.
    XO Moni Kaye


  2. The Chase's Avatar
    The Chase’s

    I was also going to say, Loving the short hair, you are radiant and so beautiful.
    carly oxoxox…


  3. Beth Zarlenga Avatar
    Beth Zarlenga

    I love these lists of thankfulness…it has ministered to my heart again and again!

    I love you!


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