Wednesday Worship: I Am

As I have reflected on the past year and all of God’s faithfulness, Jill Phillips’ song, I Am, has been a tool God used to speak the comfort of Who He is to me. I know what the past has held for me. I don’t know what the future holds in this life. But one thing I do know is that no matter what the circumstances of my life may be, God never changes, and He is my Emmanuel. He is with me!

May the words of His faithfulness bless your hearts today. Widgets

Oh gently lay your head
Upon my chest
And I will comfort you
Like a mother while you rest
The tide can change so fast,
But I will stay
The same through the past,
The same in future, same today

I am constant; I am near
I am peace that shatters all your secret fears
I am holy; I am wise
I’m the only one who knows your heart’s desires
Your heart’s desires

Oh weary, tired and worn,
Let out your sighs
And drop that heavy load you hold
Cause Mine is light

I know you through and through;
There’s no need to hide
I want to show you love
That is deep and high and wide


Oh gently lay your head
Upon my chest
And I will comfort you
Like a mother while you rest

One response to “Wednesday Worship: I Am”

  1. Melissa Bruining Teeter Avatar
    Melissa Bruining Teeter

    I LOVE, LOVE this song. When I first moved to Charlotte, I was so lonely at times. I needed His arms of love and comfort! This song was played on repeat for many days and it brought me such peace. . . thanks for sharing!!


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