The Fair


Yes, it’s Fair time again. Heapin’ doses of denim, boots, big hair, smelly animals, greasy food, sugar and unsafe rides. Oh my, that sounds so delightful, doesn’t it? So, why is it we love the Fair so much?

As I rocked Audrey that night, she made it abundantly clear what the answer is. She curled on my lap and talked non-stop. I’ll let her words tell you all about it.

“Went to da Faay-er! Audee wide howa-seees (the carousel)! Mommy hold ME! I wide in cawr-a wiff bow-eyes (boys)!


We eat fway-nch fwies ay-nd FWUNNEL CAY-AKE! Pet baya-by duckies!

See BEEEEG ol’ howa-seees! Audee skeeery.


Audee hay-va (have) wed bawa-oon. We watch biwr-dies.


Audee way-aff (laugh) wots and wots. Audee haya-ppy.”


I think that about sums it up. And I promise you, our kids ate more than french fries and funnel cake. They had lemonade, too.


You can see more heapin’ happinesss in our gallery.

4 responses to “The Fair”

  1. Oh my beautiful grandchildren! Grandma is “haya-ppy” just looking at the pictures. And a meal of vegetable, grain, and fruit – not bad!

    Love, Grandma Davis


  2. Oh, how ya’ll bring much delight to my heart! My eyes filled with tears of joy and longing at the same time looking at your sweet babies…oh, to be in their presence, your presence, is something I am grateful for as the Lord sees it best to provide.

    Love ya’ll so much!


  3. First, nice hair girlfriend! sure is getting LONG(er). Looks good friend. Second, Audrey seems to be talking so much. Either she’s growing up or she just had a whole lot to say about the fair! Summer is a great season, isn’t it?

    LOVE. Miss you. LOVE


  4. Davis family,

    What great pictures of you all enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of a Rockingham summer ritual. I felt like I was there with you! God’s mercies are new and amazing every day! I love you.

    Monica Kaye

    PS. Yes, it’s 3 am and I have some crazy insomnia. I think it’s the pull of the glorious full moon. I love knowing we are always under that same big ball of light. I miss you!


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