More Thankfulness…

150. Watching bread begin.

Tickle games. Raucous laughter as we chase each other through the house.


Dressing up and entering new worlds of make believe.


Sharing dreams in the mornings. Laughing at the ridiculousness.

Snuggling after naptime.

Tag with Daddy. Peals of laughter. Screams of terrified delight.


Friendships. Sharing lives together.

Memories being made.

New shoes. New steps.

Working in the kitchen together. Little hands creating masterpieces.

Playing games in the afternoon with my Ash.
(How I will miss these times when he goes off to school!)

Imaginary friends.

Learning to laugh at myself (alphabetized credit cards and all).

Watching summer olympics. The awe. The wonder.


Stuffed animal pretendings.

New words. Hearing my baby girl grow up.

Pink flowers from friends. Celebrating God’s goodness to us.
Shouting “ONE YEAR!” together.


School supplies. The bustle of preparation, the excitement over new journeys.

Playing balloon volleyball in the living room with my children.
Boys against girls.

Discovering nature. (And capturing wasps!)


Ring-around-the-rosie with Baby and her stuffed Pooh Bear.

Gymnastics in the backyard. Clumsy cartwheels. Expert somersaults. “Sticking” their landings.

New beginnings. Each day is a fresh start.

Picking out pink outfits to wear wherever she goes, even off-roading.

2 responses to “More Thankfulness…”

  1. Love the costumes!

    Grandma Davis


  2. You will not believe what God did for me this weekend! It was a crazy adventure….but such an awesome ending. Fill you in soon. Praise Jesus!


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