Ah, The Joys Of Boys

For that one of you who might perhaps be disillusioned into thinking life always goes smoothly in our home, let me paint a mental picture for you.

My two youngest were outside alone for a total of two minutes. Two minutes. I headed outside to check on them, and what to my wandering eyes should appear? But the bare backside of my son who was relieving himself in the woods next to our home. His sister was amazed. She was especially enraptured with how high he could make the arc of liquid stream. Then he decided it would be fun to twist and turn and water the leaves all around him. Unfortunately, his sister was in the line of fire, and her amazement turned to terror when she was doused head to toe in said liquid stream. She turned, saw my arrival and commenced screaming at the top of her lungs, “Mommmeeeee! I am yuckeeeeee! Yuckeeeee on meeeeee!”

Bear’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me standing there. He promptly finished his business, stuffed himself back together, then turned with an impish grin and said, “MOM! Did you see how high I peed?”

I am shaking my head in resignation as I type. I had just convinced myself that having two at home once their brother started school next week would be a bit easier.

I am doomed, I tell you, doomed.

7 responses to “Ah, The Joys Of Boys”

  1. I am cracking up! I can just picture little diva’s face. Never a dull moment for sure! I love you, Mon


  2. I would be laughing out loud right now but my hubby is sleeping…what is it about little boys and peeing. My two year old gets the proudest look on his face and laughs with delight as he stands up in the tubby and pees!


  3. Ahem. Do you remember how fits of giggles used to send me running for the bathroom? I’ve now had my morning entertainment AND a great sprinting workout.

    Not sure whether condolences or congratulations are in order . . .


  4. I looove it! Why DO boys think this is such a great accomplishment?? I will never understand, but have witnessed my own son doing the same many times. I have to share in turn that Riley, 2, is in the throws of potty training. Things are going much quicker and smoother than with Avery. Yesterday, I asked him if he had to pee pee and he excitedly said “Yes”, ran to the bathroon, and climbed on the seat. He pushed harder and harder, looked down at himself and then up at me with those coal black eyes and said, “Uh, Oh, Mommy, it’s broke!” I nearly wet my own pants for laughing! I wish I could hold on to those moments forever! Love, Rochelle


  5. I love it! 🙂 All I can do when reading this is just smile!

    Love and miss ya’ll!


  6. Dearest Angie,

    This is just toooooo cute. These are times you will never forget and your son will have many laughs when you tell him of his adventures.

    Love to you,


  7. Oh.my.goodness. That cracked me up! I laugh because I can totally and completely imagine this happening in my own back yard with my own little boys. Ha ha ha! What a great post!


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