Wednesday Worship: Me. You. Here.

A very different Wednesday Worship. No song this week. Just a moment to pause and reflect. This morning as our little one snuggled in between us for our early morning ritual , she finished inhaling her juice, let out a sigh of contentment and burrowed down deep into our bed. Her red curls leaned on my shoulder and she looked up at me. I smiled as she patted my cheek. “Me. You. Here.” she said.

How very like God to remind me of Himself through this tiny child. His gift to me. So, today, I began my morning worshipping through the words of my child. I can look around and see Him in everything. He has touched it all. And He is always here. Even when I don’t feel His presence, He is still whispering through His Spirit. “Me. You. Here.

How is God showing Himself to you today?

2 responses to “Wednesday Worship: Me. You. Here.”

  1. What a wonderful and precious reminder of the Lord’s heart for us and His delight in us being in His presence!

    Sending much love!


  2. God showed himself to me through my cousins today. My cousins fight over EVERYTHING, call each other stupid, tattle on each other…the whole nine yards. It frustrates me and some times makes it just so hard to enjoy being around them, even though I love them both. Anyway, God showed me that even though I’m not THAT bad with my sister and we don’t call each other names and are too old to tattle (well, I take that back, that probably still happens), but I am still rude to my sister more often than she deserves. My words could be more encouraging. My actions could be less selfish. Today I pray that I can learn to enjoy and love my sister in the way that she deserves…in the way Jesus loves her!


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