Sunday Rest

Waking up to the sounds of my little girl playing in her crib. Listening to Brian’s gentle breathing as he sleeps next to me. Hearing the soft footfalls of my Bear’s sleepy steps up to our loft to join me in my quiet moments watching the sun. Turning my ear to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit as I prepare to join the body of Christ in worship on this day. Knowing I will spend the afternoon with my family, resting, laughing, enjoying each other and enjoying all that God has created this day of rest to be. This is how I begin my morning. And I am blessed.

In his sermon Remembering The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy, Piper says this:

“Let my highest creature, the one in my image, stop every seven days and commemorate with me the fact that I am the creator who has done all this. Let him stop working and focus on me, that I am the source of all that he has. I am the fountain of blessing. I have made the very hands and mind with which he works. Let one day out of seven demonstrate that all land and all animals and all raw materials and all breath and strength and thought and emotion and everything come from me. Let man look to me in leisure one day out of seven for the blessing that is so elusive in the affairs of this world.”

Thank you, Lord, for this day You have given to focus on You. To turn from the work of the week and just be.

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