I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Okay, so I could say that about a lot of things over this past year, but this is my huge thank you to everyone who voted for my haiku because I WON! Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friends!

I won a wonderful set of prizes at Rocks In My Dryer, and if I could, I’d share them all with you, but that would be a bit difficult.

I’ll be happy to let you look at the sweet picture I’ll carry in my keychain, and if you ever need me to carry something in my new bucket bag or backpack, I’m there for ya. Audrey will continue to dazzle you with how adorable she is, but even more so with her new girly girl hairbows. I know y’all will just love the fact that I can be even more organized and OCD with my BizziMom planner, and I can look super-cute being OCD in my Peace Love Mom t-shirt. And best of all, I’ll smell better, too! So, see, in a way, I am sharing it all with you!

Seriously, I can’t thank you enough. It means a lot that y’all would vote for me and help me win. I’m tickled pink.

Did I say thank you?

8 responses to “I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You”

  1. congrats angie! don’t forget to put my birthday (nov. 16) on your BizziMom planner. and gotta say, that bucket bag is Fashionable!! I never thought you smelt bad…but i guess everyone could use to smell a little sweeter…not that you’re not sweet enought 😉 Love you. Congrats again Ms. Poet.


  2. Ang,

    Congratulations on winning the contest. We are so happy for you and hope that it is an encouragement to keep on writing!

    Loving you,


  3. how cool is that..you got a lot of votes! You sure know how to recriut people!


  4. Congrats Angie! Enjoy those cool prizes!


  5. Does that bucket bag or back pack travel to St. Louis?:)…..And the mommy with it?:) I am SO glad you won and hope you enjoy every gift lavished on you!

    Love you!


  6. Beth(AKA Sarah's mom) Avatar
    Beth(AKA Sarah’s mom)

    Angie, way to go! So happy for you. Who knew those 2 votes from little ‘o Delaware would put you in the lead? Yea right:) God bless you and keep the beautiful words and pictures coming.


  7. Beth(AKA Sarah's mom) Avatar
    Beth(AKA Sarah’s mom)

    Hi Angie, way to go! Congradulations! We’re so happy for you. Who knew the 2 votes from lil ‘o Delaware would put you over the edge? lol God bless you and keep the beautiful words and pictuers coming.


  8. Angie-My Mom is the one that told me about your contest and I think I voted for you on the very last night, if it even made it in. Congratulations & thanks for sharing the gifts with us; was fun to see what all you won. I might want a Bizzi Mom Planner myself! 🙂 Mom was curious to know if you won as her computer’s been down for a while! I’ll tell her.



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