With My Eyes I Have Seen Him

Life continues. And so does my list.

Not so scary faces because of the bright smiles behind them.
Meeting new people and making connections.

Brokenness. Learning the freedom of daily dependence on Christ.

Cousins. Lots and lots of cousins.
Listening. Truly listening to the sounds around me. And hearing my son sing, “Give Me Jesus”. Every. Single. Word.

Blowing on baby’s belly and laughing boisterously together.

Reading books to a pink bear, pink blanket in hand. When did so much pink arrive?
The beauty of worship. Melting inside as I look out and see the arms of a two-year-old lifted with his father’s.

Disappointments that push me to see Christ rather than focus on self.

Hat askew on red curls.
Holding those tiny hands in the parking lot. Thankful that I have tiny hands to hold.

Yummy new perfume oil.

Daddy’s helping hands.
Singing with my hubby. Sharing Jesus together. Sharing harmonies. Sharing smiles. Sharing hearts.

Friendships. Holding the light for me. (Thanks, Cardo!)

Sundays. A gift of rest from our loving Creator.

Baby Jude. We actually have a doll in our home named after him. Audrey is enraptured.
Football season! (Go Cowboys!)

Look, Mom, no training wheels!
“I don’t like school. I LOVE school!”

Nanny & Pappy.
My little model. Gap and Eddie Bauer here we come!
God’s strength is perfected in my weakness.

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