Where Were You?

I was at a bagel shop meeting with my discipler, Angie P., when friends told us what had happened. Pregnant with our oldest child, I couldn’t fathom the disaster of 9/11. I can still feel his little body moving underneath my hand, a hand that automatically rose to my belly when I heard of the horror of that day. I marvel that it’s been seven years, yet it still seems so fresh, so real. And I draw my children a little closer into my arms again today to remember. And I pray for those whose scars will always be fresh and real.

Where were you?

9 responses to “Where Were You?”

  1. I was working at 1st VA Bank, as a teller. My manager had a little tv (8″?) in her office and she called us over. We were all in her office glued to the tv in horror. We thought, at first, what alot of other folks thought, that it was a tragic accident, until…the second plane. I remember the bank being very slow that day.


  2. I was asleep in my dorm room that morning because I had pulled an all nighter. My dorm-mate pounded on my door and yelled my name; I ran over across the hall to her room where I saw the tragedy on TV. My first thought was “Please, God let my uncle and 2 cousins be okay!” (thank God, they were!). I remember classes being canceled. I especially remember IV and CRU holding a special prayer time that lasted well over an hour.


  3. Dan and I lived in Leesburg then. I was home, watching the TODAY show and saw the first footage of tower one being struck. I watched TV for hours and when they let Dan come home from work we sat on the front porch on that perfect sunny day and listened for the first time to complete silence in the skies. All the planes for Dulles and the Leesburg airport were stopped. The planes were a sound like crickets to me, a comforting part of my daily life. The silence was deafening.


  4. I was on a houseboat on Lake Powell with Jonathan’s family for vacation. We didn’t have any radio or television, so when a couple guys on WRVs told us that the towers had been hit, we thought they were trying to pull one over on us. Would you believe it if you hadn’t seen it for yourself? We weren’t able to confirm anything until the next day when half of us took the motorboat to the marina that was miles away. I waited in line for the phone for almost an hour so I could call my dad to make sure he was OK (I had heard a Delta plane from Atlanta had been involved, and he was an Atlanta Delta pilot at the time). By the time we got back to real life on Friday, they weren’t showing anything on TV anymore, so the first time we really experienced what happened was on the first anniversary of 9/11.


  5. I was laying on the couch, in bedrest with my pregnancy with Nicholas, because of my history of preterm that I had with Ali, and the frequent contractions I’d been having. I heard the terrible news from the voice of my own husband, Greg, on the radio station X103 the cross. There was a woman in my home who came twice per month to help out with some general cleaning since I was on bedrest. I called to her and said “did you hear that?” And she had not at first, but then Greg said it again and I was dumbfounded. We have no television reception, so I raced to the bedroom to listen to the reports on the all news radio station, held my belly with my baby, and cried to the Lord. Then I called my parents, who had not yet turned on their TV for the morning. Then I cried some more.


  6. Angie,

    Like you, I had a child in my belly, but my 2nd one. Brianna was napping, I think, & Mom called me and told me to turn on the t.v. It was too much to fathom or believe & I just stood there watching in amazement and great sadness. There was a lot more to watch on t.v. even after that. Unbelievable. I can’t believe things like this are becoming more & more a part of our world-i.e. the murder at VT? There was a link someone did recently in remembrance of 9/11 and Brianna, my 8 1/2 year old, stood there watching (soft-hearted as she is) crying saying, “They are just so wicked!” and it is at times like this that I realize the wonderful opportunity to share more about how ugly sin is and how much we need God to save us from our sins & others!!


  7. I was at home, pregnant with my second, my first was just under one year old. The weather was beautiful, one of the most beautiful days I can remember. I remember what I was wearing, what I did, where I sat, how I held my baby girl, and worried for the future of my children. I prayed for everyone. My husband called to tell me to turn on the tv. I sat, in stunned silence and watched in horror as the events unfolded. All I could say is “oh my God.” There were no other words. I remember breaking down in tears, and my precious chocolate lab Coco came and put his head on my knee and sat with me. He did not leave.

    My husband worked at USA Today which was very close to the Pentagon at the time. When the plane hit the pentagon, I tried to call him to please come home. I was scared. The phones there were all dead. An hour or so later he called me and told me that he saw the plane hit the pentagon, and as they watched, he said no one said a word, but just turned around, got their stuff and left as quickly as they could.

    I’m afraid that people have forgotten the horror.


  8. Melissa Bruining Teeter Avatar
    Melissa Bruining Teeter


    I was working at RMH- 6 East. Taking care of my patients. . one of my patients was an elderly hospice patient and he was dying. I saw the coverage on the TV in that man’s room while I was bathing him. I ran to the nurses station and declared that our country was being attacked and we need to pray! The man died that day, never knowing what was happening. .. and I remember feeling extra sorry for his wife– losing her husband on such a tragic day for our country. I cried off and on all day, all of us were numb. My nurse manager called us together and reminded us of our “disaster preparedness plan” in case they needed to divert the injured to our hospital. Still can’t believe it!


  9. My mom was running on the treadmill watching a 6 inch screen when her program was interrupted by the first plane hitting the towers. She ran to the door and called my Dad in, frantic. I followed her around trying to figure out what was going on because I had never even heard of the twin towers. That day became more silent and ominous with every news caster’s voice. I was supposed to babysit at the Brunks later that morning and I cannot forget the drive to their house. We were all silent as the radio relayed the story in further detail with each passing moment. We watched the clear blue sky, which seemed almost fake because of the tragedy surrounding the country, and observed the obvious lack of air traffic. That day babysitting was spent trying to keep a young Jackson occupied while keeping an eye on the news. I have never watched so much news in my life.


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