We Are The Dukes Of JMU!

Why is it that The Fight Song never gets old?

JMU 52, UMass 38


4 responses to “We Are The Dukes Of JMU!”

  1. Go Dukes!

    I think you should submit that to the University…could be their new billboard!


  2. Dear Angie,
    Congrats on JMU’s victory over UMass! Must have been exciting and fun to see. I love the whole nostalgic atmosphere of a college football game. It is also good to hear you excited (and distracted for a spell) from the dissappointing news you received on Friday. I call those moments “brooks in the way”. There is a wonderful song, “God Will Make a Way”(where there seems to be no way), that has ministered to me in some of my darkest times. Maybe you know it? And in those brief times God gives us a soothing brook; a respite from our hearts’ pain. I pray our merciful Father will provide many “brooks in the way” as you continue the good fight! Look for them. In friendship, Beth


  3. So these pictures make me want to hop in a car right now and join you for the next game..not so much for the game ( though I have to say it would be a wonderful people watching opportunity), but just for the blessing of being with ya’ll and enjoying our alma mater together.

    Love ya’ll

    p.s. I agree with Natalie. 🙂


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