Delving Into Shower-World

Now that our oldest has decided to go and grow up on me, he’s also shown an affinity for taking showers. Swimming lessons taught him how much he loves to dump water on his head, and showering is an opportunity to be completely covered in water, head to toe. Not to mention it is something his siblings can’t do, and he is always looking for ways to be different from them.

As for me, as silly as it may seem, it’s another *sigh* in my world of letting go. While, yes, it makes my life simpler task-wise, it pulls on my heart-strings to see him growing up even more. He is excitedly grasping his independence, and loves to show us what he can do on his own. Even though it hurts some, my heart delights in his new-found freedoms because I see how much it brings him joy.

Last night he was so itchy from being outside (and his grass allergies) that he sat down for supper then begged to eat later and go take a shower, because he was miserable. A few minutes later, his little wet form appeared, tromping down the stairs in a twisted towel, shivering. I went to him, helped him straighten his towel, patted him and said, almost without thinking, “Mmmm, you smell good.”

He grinned and looked up at me. “Can I take a shower every night, so I’ll always smell good for school and church?”

I think I heard Brian snort, but I’m unsure.

Figuring I’ll take all I can get now, I told him he most certainly could do that. Besides, I’m not about to tell my little man he’s still using Johnson & Johnson’s No Tears Baby Shampoo.

I wonder how long this will last?

4 responses to “Delving Into Shower-World”

  1. Sweetest and dearest Asher…oh how I love him and wish I could be there to watch him grow up.:)

    Thinking of ya’ll today and sending MUCH love!


  2. Growing up…oh my. I miss seeing all the Davis kids getting older, bigger, and more mature. Ah, but I’ll never forget those wonderful times pushing Asher and Micah in the toddler swing, and sharing Sculpey clay for the first time, and holding Audrey two days after her birth. They’ll always be my little ones! I miss you guys!

    Miss Sarah


  3. you made me laugh out loud! we too are entering the shower-world so i totally get you!


  4. I started laughing when I read about the Johnson & Johnson’s. That’s cute.


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