Greeted By Miracles

“Oh give thanks to the unfathomable… whose miracles greet us every morning.” (from Stephen Mitchell’s Book of Psalms)

The exuberance of my Buddy, the imagination of my Bear,
the spirit of my Bella… gifts of joy from His hands.
Autumn’s chill and the fragrance of wood-smoke.
Playing chase and capturing laughs.
Bible study girls!
Trying new recipes. And laughing (crying sometimes) at the disasters.
Planning parties for friends with friends.
Football season and tailgating.
Whole wheat blueberry pancakes topped with warm maple syrup.
Holding a sleepy Bear on a chilly morning.
Generations. A grandfather performing the ceremony. A father praying.
A beautiful bride following in their footsteps.
Quiet times with Jesus watching the world around me awaken.
Visits from far-away friends.
Week’s end. Finished schoolwork. Time for family fun.
Fall flowers decorating my deck and the joy of planting them with my mom.
Caramel vanilla lattes. Inhaling the steamy aroma. Tasting the richness.
The sweetness of kisses.
Learning manners.
Girls’ night with Bella. Pizza, painted toenails and shopping trips.
Reciting prayers with my children. Ancient words that still ring true.
My head on Bri’s shoulder as if it was molded just for me.
Comebacks! JMU, 35 – App. State, 32
Hand-me-downs filled with pink pants.
Reminders of God’s goodness by faithful friends.
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

2 responses to “Greeted By Miracles”

  1. The wedding looks like it was so beautiful! I love you, dear one.


  2. what a good way to start the new season…with gratitude. love ya, have a good start of the week.


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