THIS Is Why I Won’t Plant A Garden

Some of you will look at this and think, “BANG!”

Others will cry, “Mother? Mother?” like Bambi in an attempt to make me cry yet again over a movie I’ve watched a hundred times.

I; however, love the fact that I can wake up on crisp, fall mornings, as tendrils of fog swirl around the trees, slip out onto my deck to breathe it all in, and see this.


Anytime I’ve considered planting a garden I hesitate, because I know the deer and bunnies will nibble away at it, and I don’t want to dislike them. They are such a part of my world, greeting me throughout the days, and I am thankful for another day that God has given me to revel in His creation.

This weekend we celebrated my birthday. As I thought about this past year, I realized I’m not really thinking about getting older. And I don’t really care if I’m getting older. I’m just thankful that I have had another year to live and celebrate the moments of life by sharing in the life around me, and all my little backyard friends.

So, in the words of Bambi’s mother, “Everything in the forest has its season. Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same.

It’s all so truly new and wonderful and beautiful, isn’t it?

7 responses to “THIS Is Why I Won’t Plant A Garden”

  1. Love this! Makes me miss our house in Gaithersburg backing to Great Seneca State Park and my morning worship on the patio with the deer and the red fox. I am so thankful for you and your precious life. LOVE.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend!
    Lots of love going out to you in celebration of yet another year God has blessed you with!



  3. Happy Birthday one day late! I love you!!!!!


  4. Oh Angie, we have these lovelies, too. One day about two weeks ago, my William and I sat and watched as they crept up into our garden, mother and fawn, and ate the daylilies. They were actually up within the retaining wall around our patio! They are beautiful creatures. But they DO mess with my plants. That’s why I have 200 daffodil bulbs going in…the deer won’t touch them!

    I love the quote from bambi. Happy birthday Angie!!!


  5. I have a ?. Was Bambi a girl or a boy deer? How bout Dumbo? girl? boy? Well, I’ll have to google it sometime. Love the word “tendrils.” Where do you come up with all your fancy words??

    Love ya. Always.


  6. I bow my head yet again and with tears in my eyes say thank you Lord for giving us the gift of Angie!

    I’ll love you forever!


  7. Looks like you’ve been busy watching some disney movies, along with dora, teletubbies….haha. I’m sure you can come up with the best quotes!! I love them! So thanks for sharing.


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