From The Lips Of My Children…

… more reminders of God’s gifts.

While rocking Bella to bed on the last night of open windows, she heard the crickets outside and whispered, “Mommy, dat music outside is singing for me.”

While helping my Buddy get ready for school, “Oh, I hope Bear wakes up soon. I don’t want to miss telling him good-bye.”

While off-roading, the exuberance of Bear kept us rolling as he talked non-stop, “Ooooooh, look. Oh, the trees are gorgeous, and the leaves are so fancy. Oh that makes me so happy. And oh, look, there’s a river down there with water in it. But what happens if we fall off the side of the mountain? The trees will catch us won’t they? Oh, I just love off-roading. Daddy, did you notice there’s a freckle on my finger?”

The five of us dancing at night, lights off, with flashlights and hearing Bella sing, “Us built dis city on wock and woll!”

Hearing Buddy plan his birthday party and all the friends he wants to invite. “I’m glad I have so many friends, Mommy!” (We’re going to have to pare it down.)

Cuddling with his sick baby sister, Bear sneezed, covering his mouth dutifully with his hands. “Mommy, I covered my ‘God bless you’ so it wouldn’t get on Bella.”

Thank You, Lord, for crickets’ songs, for gorgeous trees with fancy leaves, Your creation. Thank You for Your hand of protection over us. Thank You for the bodies you have woven together for each of us, each freckle, hair, dimple is Your handiwork. Thank You for nights of laughter and frivolity, for tender moments of sibling love. Thank You for friendships. Thank You for Your many blessings. Our life is so full.

2 responses to “From The Lips Of My Children…”

  1. Many blessings you have…wishing you many more! I love #224!


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