And The Cuteness, Y’all, It Overwhelms

So, I’ve been MIA a bit lately, and every time I turn around I think, I need to write that down, because my children and my life keep me laughing (or crying).

And since laughter is healing, here goes…

My buddy has come home from school with something new every week (sometimes it’s every day), and he now sings a prayer he learned whenever he prays before meals. His brother has followed suit. Only he creates his own (no scripts for my Bear!). So before lunch last week, Bear dutifully folded his hands, looked up at me with that dimpled grin and said, “I’m going to sing my prayer today.”


Deep breath.

Sing-song voice commences with:

“Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice. And I’m so thankful for all this food. And I love my family. And I love playing all day. And Mommy makes good lunch. And I miss Daddy. And I love my family forever. Amen.”

Oh, how Bear entertains with his exuberance. Not to mention his imagination. And his love for super heroes. Yep. That’s Bear, the redneck Batman.

Then there’s Bella who dances through life. Literally. Spinning and singing and dancing and being extremely dramatic about everything.

I really have no idea where she gets it.

Her new favorite game is I Spy, and it makes me laugh EVERY time she perks up with, “Iiiiii pu-pyyyyy someting pink!” Because no matter where she’s looking, she says pink. Except when she says red. But that’s rare.

Oh, and she is in love now. With Baby Ed-a-mund. Watch out, Baby Jude, you have competition!

And what happened to my little first grader? He’s turned into a little man with gangly legs who’s outgrown every pair of uniform pants I just bought him for school 2 months ago! He had his first school program, and yes, I cried.
He just keeps growing up on me. And oh, how I love the honesty of kids! The other day he was playing in his room, and I asked him what he was up to. His answer?

“I’m playing by myself. I like playing by myself. I have everything my way.”

Oh. Don’t we all, son? Don’t we all? Only we grown-ups aren’t real enough to admit it.

So, there is the past little while in a small nutshell.

And then there’s JMU who routed Dela-WHERE? on Saturday, and we tailgated and wore our JMU colors, and Nat was here which completely made my weekend.

The cuteness.


It rocks my world.

Well, except for this. This is NOT cute. I’m not really sure what this is.
Yes, that would be my hubby and Guest Blogger Joe at our Fall Festival.

You can see more cuteness (I promise, there are no more pictures of Guest Blogger Joe in there) in our gallery, if you wish… and I don’t know why you wouldn’t wish to, but then again I’m a bit biased.

Thanks to everyone for your support these past couple weeks. I mean it. I appreciate you.

5 responses to “And The Cuteness, Y’all, It Overwhelms”

  1. Oh, I know where Audrey gets her drama!!!!

    I recognized Brian :), but still am amazed that is really Guest Bogger Joe!

    Great report! I love it and I love you,


  2. Uh oh! Is someone taking over Baby Jude’s place in Audrey’s heart?!! We need to come over more often to help her remember how sweet and fun Jude is! 🙂 Love you!


  3. Aren’t children one of God’s greatest gifts ever! Praying for you as you await scan results!


  4. 🙂 I love the I spy story. How precious. 🙂

    All of them are precious. Except maybe for guest blogger Joe. I don’t really even know who guest blogger Joe is, but that picture was a little…strange?

    Glad JMU won! It must be so fun to get to tailgate like that. Tech plays on Thursday night I think…I don’t even know if we have a qb ready to play…

    Have a good week Angie!


  5. Personally, I’m all about Guest Blogger Joe. Never looked better Joe! You too Brian. I can see where the boys get there studdliness.


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