A Must Read

Ann at Holy Experience speaks my heart so well.

Have a box of tissues handy, then please join Ann and me in bowing a moment to say, “Thank you.” For we are allowed two… then Heaven.

3 responses to “A Must Read”

  1. Thank You, Lord, for my days, and for thinking my homecoming precious. Amazing. Amen.


  2. As Ann thought of Marissa, I often think of you Angie. I find myself wondering, what kind of day is Angie having? If it were a chemo day, I would wonder how you were holding up. If it were an off week from Herceptin, I would thank God that you were given more time to recover for the week. I would wonder how your kids were getting on with yet another babysitter or good ol’ Grandma. Thank God for Grandma. Had Ash beaten Grandma in battleship? What had Bear dreamed up today? And thinking of your little girl…just makes me smile all over. I thought, and I think, of you knowing that there are so many things still up in the air. But PRAISE JESUS, that his faithfulness and goodness and constant love are present, today and tomorrow, on earth and in heaven. Love you. I needed to be reminded of the blessing of each new day!


  3. I was hoping you had read Ann’s post today. It hit me in the deepest places, and I thought of you, of course. I love you!!!


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