We interrupt the weariness to share these important laughter moments.


Need I say more? The constant flow of words like lovely, fascinating, amazing and gorgeous which pours from his four-year-old mouth are enough to keep me in stitches, but there’s more… oh, how there is more.

One day sitting at breakfast, he stopped, looked at me wide-eyed and said, “MOM, let’s pretend ALL. DAY. LONG.”

Okay. Sound good. What do you want to pretend?

Silence. Green eyes scan the room. “Let’s pretend everything in the house that’s plastic is really GLASS!” (insert his high-pitched giggle here… and picture my very confused face.) He waits a moment more, “Oh, and my milk is PURPLE!” He’s clapping his hands now. “Oh, that will be just delightful!” he squeals.

I tried really hard to contain my laughter, but it slipped out. Which is really okay, because Bear just laughs right along with me.

Later in our day of pretending we were rolling around on the floor, falling off couches and pretending there was an earthquake. Somewhere in the midst of all the bruises I was inflicting upon myself, Bear stood up, “Pause game, Mom. I have to go to the potty.”

Okay. No worries. We can stop screaming and throwing ourselves around for a while. I really don’t mind.

He runs into the bathroom, then he yells out, “MOMMY! It’s okay to go back to pretending now. My potty is a toilet boat, so I won’t fall off!”

Oh, Bear. Such silliness. “It’s not, silliness, Mommy.” he tells me seriously, “It’s cooliness.”

And so, my friends, I give you, the cooliness.

(As I have been writing this post, Bear arrived, curled up in bed with me and watched. At one point I had to restart my computer. Bear pointed at the screen just as it went black, not knowing about the restart. His eyes widened, he took in a breath and held it. “Bear, how did you do that?!” I asked. “I. don’t. know.” he whispered. Then he grinned, realizing I was teasing him, “It must have been one of my magic moments!” He giggled. “Let’s have lots of magic moments today, Mommy!” I can tell already. It’s going to be a good day.)

4 responses to “Cooliness”

  1. That is a great photo, hope you keep having wonderful days like this.


  2. Praying your day is full of God’s goodness and lots of grace. I love you!


  3. That’s so funny! Days full of pretending and magic moments are wonderful! I’m seconding Kristin & Monica’s wishes and prayers! God bless!


  4. Awesome! That is just awesome!

    See, who needs a nickel system when you’ve got THAT?!


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