Haste, Haste!

As December dawns and Christmas begins it’s descent, I began my month long vigil by reading a Christmas carol each day, asking God to show me Himself from words I can sing so carelessly. This morning I read What Child Is This? which is one of my favorite carols. The line that struck me this morning was the call to hasten and bring him praise.

Haste, haste to bring Him laud!

Yet how often I put other things before Him throughout the day. I yawn and turn over in my bed rather than climb out in the darkness to sit with Him. I fill my hours with good things, but I don’t fill my thoughts with Him. I am quick to praise myself or my children’s accomplishments, but do I run to bring Him praise? Rather than hasten to His throne, I balk at taking the time out of my to-do list to spend with Him. I tell myself I will make time later or, some days, find time later.

Haste. There is an urgency to the word. Haste. But do I feel the urgency in my heart?

How these words struck a convicting chord in my heart this morning! How I should run quickly to Him to bring Him praise! Consider what a wonderfully amazing thing it is that Christ came. This is what Christmas is. He humbled Himself to the point of death that I might find life.

Haste, my friends, HASTE to bring HIM laud!

3 responses to “Haste, Haste!”

  1. Ouch, that’s convicting. What a good reminder, especially at this time of year. Thanks Angie!


  2. Amen Angie!! It is so easy to fill our days with everything that “needs” to get done, especially around the holidays, rather than to slow down and reflect on what Christ has done.

    I love and am praying for you this week!!


  3. These thoughts are beautiful! Convicting yet beautiful!


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