No More Mullet

I am a girly-girl.

I love make-up and fashion and doing my nails and long hair. I love the femininity of being a woman, and a piece of my femininity was tied up in my hair. Long hair. It’s been over a year since I sat with my head bowed and heard the buzz of trimmers clipping away at my locks. That was a hard day, but it was also a good day for me… to begin the journey that I knew but needed to live… that beauty isn’t about the outside.

Today I had my first haircut. Yep, that’s right. My first haircut. And it felt good.

Some of you are wondering just why I needed a haircut, because my hair is still very short. I will spare you the details of how hair follicles work and how when my hair started growing back in it started at different times in different places and how my hair grew in unevenly… and CURLY! In fact, I almost have a mullet.

The short answer to why I need a haircut?

Basically, it’s because if I didn’t get my hair shaped, then I would soon look like Christopher Walken.

Or Doc from Back to the Future .

(I actually dressed up as Doc for Halloween, but I am way too embarrassed to post photos. For those of you who saw me in person, I’ll just let the memory burn itself in your minds and try not to hide my face the next time I see you.)

So, today I breezed into the Image Recovery Center and said, “Make me a new woman!” Ok. Well. No, not really… they did that last year when they shaved my head. Cincy and I giggled over how “long” my hair has gotten and I watched as very small snips of hair fell around me, not because it had to happen, but because I wanted it to happen. And it felt good.

So, here’s the before…
And here is the after picture.
For those of you who are thinking, “I can’t tell a difference.” That’s okay. Because I can, and that’s all that matters.

Christopher Walken, eat your heart out.

12 responses to “No More Mullet”

  1. My precious sister,

    You are beautiful inside and out. You are a total blessing to all.

    Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you in fullest measure.

    In Him we are knitted together in love.


  2. Angie,

    You look beautiful my sweet friend! I’m so glad your hair is your own these days, though I must admit I was partial to that red-headed wig 🙂 (For those who don’t know me, I have red hair!)

    with love, Jacquie




  4. Oh, you and you’re new hairdo are going up on the fridge! Oh yea!


  5. And that my friend is all that matters! 🙂


  6. Truly a reason to celebrate – you have been and continue to be beautiful and courageous, Angie. Praying for you this week…


  7. You look beautiful, Angie!


  8. Angie,
    You do look SO good. Really starting to look like the old Angie. You look so much healthier. And I wholeheartedly agree with Amy and couldn’t have said it better. You are beautiful and courageous, and inspire me often when I start worrying about the what ifs in life. Still praying for you sister. I need to CALL you sometime! Best wishes for Friday. We prayed for you Mon. night at home group. Love to you and your family, Carol


  9. I want to know how you got the two pictures to look so alike (minus the background and the head tilt in picture #1). Same exact smile! Way to go. Nice flowers in the second picture btw. Can smell them from here!


  10. Christina Rogers Avatar
    Christina Rogers

    When I saw you today I thought that you looked different. Beautiful!


  11. Ha ha! So funny, because I sat there and said to myself…”I can’t see the difference…” and then I read your last paragraph! I love your look. And I’m glad you love it, too!

    Take care Angie!


  12. I think your hair looks great! You do with it what you want to do with it 🙂


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