Quick Surgery update

I’m sitting in the hospital listening to Christmas music (thank you Pandora!) and watching Angie sleep, more or less peacefully. Amazing what a shot of morphine can do for you. Today went well; we arrived around 6, they took her back about 7:45, and she was back from the recovery room by about 11. The Doc says everything went smoothly and he got what he needed while he was in there. I think the tally was 2 diseased lymph nodes and about a dozen others that will be biopsied to double check that there was no further spread of the cancer.

Although the nurse this morning promised that “best case” we would be able to leave in about 4 hours, Ang wasn’t exactly ready to go home by this afternoon. Imagine that? A little while ago they admitted her for the night and moved us up to a room (604 East). Closer to what I would consider the best case. We will see the surgeon again tomorrow and likely go home sometime in the morning.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, and Angie should be back soon!

8 responses to “Quick Surgery update”

  1. Dear Angie,
    I have thought about you off and on all week as this “yet another surgery” was looming. I’ve thought about Brian and the children as well, an all of the fear, anxiety and unknowns they must face as well. AND, I’ve thought about your MOM~ It’s the mother-heart in me I guess. She must SOOOOO wish she could take this monster on for you. Praying that God in His mercy and goodness will carry each of you in the exact and very way that you need to be carried! Hope to see you soon as we’ll be heading out to the far ends of the earth…that would be VA~ next week Wednesday!


  2. Praise the Lord!


  3. Such good news! I’m so glad to hear it. I’ve been thinking of you Angie! Wish I was there with you, to help you address Christmas cards, or drive your kiddos to school, or make them their lunches, or whatever it is that you will need. But I am sure you have many many people there around you to help out. So I’ll just continue to pray for you, and for a speedy recovery!

    Take care, and Merry, Merry Christmas!


  4. There were a lot of folks in NC praying during your surgery! May God bless you with a blissfully uneventful recovery.


  5. So thankful, with you, that you’re now home, and am trusting your recovery will be as swift and complete as we’re all praying it will be!


  6. I’m so thankful everything is ok, Angie. I am relieved. I will keep praying for a quick recovery for you. I love you!


  7. Dear sister Angie,
    I’m glad to hear your surgery is over, and glad you got to stay an extra night to have pain relief…exactly how I would have wanted it to be if it were me! I am eagerly waiting for an update, hoping things are well.
    Anyway, you know things are crazy here, but I want to offer any help you might need that I could help with….and I know from experience, that you will get that offer from many…but not know who really means it. Soooo….for specifics, I would love to take Asher and Micah to play with Nicholas, to Christmas shop for Daddy, since Nicholas and Ali will need to do that also, something that I can incorporate into my day with my kids would be workable and I would LOVE to be able to do that. My car wouldn’t hold Audrey, so I could only take the boys, or if you wanted Asher to have a special buddy, I could just take him…whatever helps you most. I will call you in a couple of days. With love, prayers, and empathy from a fellow sufferer, still trusting, loving and depending on the unending wisdom grace and mercy of our faithful God and Father, the promises too grand for us to fathom, and Jesus Christ our Savior who suffered and understands all our suffering, may He be especially near to you Angie.



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