My Cup Overflows

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

And so my list continues with…

You. I am grateful for the prayers and friendships He has given me.

God’s provision and protection. So often I don’t even realize it’s there.

No chemo!

Licking beaters and chocolate-covered cheeks.
Tall, tall trees.
Little ones curling up on my lap. “I’m going to make you feel all better, Mommy.”

Laughing with my nephews. Watching them grow into men. Where did the time go?


Candle scents and fascinations.
Leaping in leaves… lots and lots and lots of leaves.
Sunshine filling my home with warmth on chilly days.

Coffee mugs, journals, candles and soaps… a gift basket to cheer me.

Pretty scarves. (They hide my incision, but soon I will proudly show off my battle scar!)

Sitting with my parents and talking long into the night.

Little lips lisping Christmas carols and truly rejoicing in Jesus as the reason.

Growth. My Ash encouraging me with words of a child.

Pictures that capture the places I cannot be.
Flashlight microphones.

Baking Christmas goodies with Grandma!

Reading with my children.


Daddy’s love making boo-boo’s all better.
Imaginations running wild throughout the day.

Decorating the tree. Making memories. Watching Bella grasp the wonder of it all.
The peace. The promise. The wonder. The joy. Christ is born.

Italian food.

Making Thanksgiving and Christmas memories.

Lemon Cheese Braids filling my home with fresh scents. (Thanks to my mom who mixed and kneaded in my weakness.)img_2674.jpg

God WITH us!

11 responses to “My Cup Overflows”

  1. Angie, what a beautiful list of things to be thankful for. You know, you truly make me want to be a better person, wife, mother. You really do. {{HUGS}}


  2. Yes!!! All these things are telltale signs of His goodness…and you saved the best for last. And you have pretty great friends yourself, girl. Isn’t it great that God gives us faithful friends to signify He is with us? And those lemon braids look good enough to eat…but ask your mom, “Where’s the chocolate PIE?”


  3. tell your mom that i will be right there to pick up my lemon braid!!
    so thankful to know you, dear sister!


  4. Praising God with you for everyday miracles. His love is all around us. Open the eyes of my heart, Lord!!!


  5. These post make me so grateful & happy. Thank you


  6. I’m with Susan, I can pick up my lemon cheese braid in Staunton or Harrisonburg…


  7. My favorite picture is Audrey with a rudolph nose! She makes a wonderful reindeer. I miss you friend.


  8. Mmm….those lemon cheese braids look yummy…by any chance do you know how to make it gluten free????? thanks for sharing your blessings! I’m continuing to pray for you! Will you and Bri and the kids be at the Christmas party tomorrow at Burress and Kristin’s? hope to see you there!

    love ya,


  9. Love this list! What a wonderful life. And how tall is that tree, anyway?! Wow!


  10. Wow…what sweet pictures…. would you be willing to share the lemon cheese braid/bread recipe? I have some time on my hands coming up and would love to make it…

    thank you for sharing your life in words and pictures.

    who didn’t have such a sweet a Christmas as it seems you did… 😦


  11. THis was so cool. I am so glad that you have so many memories and that you can share them. The really make me feel good when I see the wonders that God is doing in your life and the life of your family.

    Hope you had a great Christmas! 🙂


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