Oh She Keeps Me Humble

While I sang to Bella, she said, “Mommy, I don’t yike dat song.”

“Oh, really? Why?”

Her response? “Because you’re singing it.”

(This is my entry in Abraham Piper’s 22-Word Challenge. Check it out on his blog.)

5 responses to “Oh She Keeps Me Humble”

  1. Seems I’ve also heard that sentiment….


  2. […] My Audrey story? It’s a finalist in the 22-Word Challenge contest. You can go vote for me if you wish. Just click here to vote. […]


  3. I love how children are always honest!! Great story!


  4. Ha ha — love it. Maybe because I get a similar response from my two-year-old. She clamps her little hand down over my mouth and shouts, “STOP!” at the first note.

    Tough critics, kids. 🙂


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