I”m A Finalist

Shameless promotion here.

My Audrey story? It’s a finalist in the 22-Word Challenge contest. You can go vote for me if you wish. Just click here to vote.

(But I have to give props to Bad Roads… hi-LAR-ious!)

4 responses to “I”m A Finalist”

  1. I enjoyed a good laugh at the Bad Roads, but voted for you b/c that will so be my child someday if I’m blessed to have one – my singing voice is not even for the shower!


  2. Nice – I hope you win… mine wasn’t selected 😦


  3. I voted for you ’cause I want you to win, but agree with you that the field is tough. 🙂


  4. I voted for you! I think yours is the best! Good for you, being a finalist!


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