40 Years

Today is my parents’ fortieth anniversary. I can’t even begin to describe what they mean to me, but here’s a start: forty things I love about them and memories we’ve made together.

1. Their love. Undying. Unconditional.
2. Mom’s heart of hospitality and service.
3. Daddy’s thoughtfulness.
4. Sitting long into the evenings talking with my parents and learning from them.
5. Daddy’s laughter. You know he’s really enjoying something when the laugh bursts out.
6. Crying over sappy movies with Mom.
7. Beach vacations and long walks in the sand.
8. My Daddy is “MacGyver”. He truly can fix anything with duct tape.
9. Baking with Mom.
10. Watching my parents with their grandchildren.
11. Daddy sitting on the deck with his Bible in hand.
12. Mom’s spirit. Always looking for a tease and a laugh.
13. Singing with Daddy’s beautiful tenor voice.
14. The smell of Italian food filling our home.
15. Opening the door to my parents’ home and being flooded with the memories.
16. The way Mom always stands at the door to wave when Daddy leaves for work. I can’t remember her ever missing a day.
17. Daddy’s beeline for Mom as soon as he gets home from work.
18. Traditions. Family rituals.
19. Road trips as kids. Singing together. Listening to “The Holy War” on cassette tape.
20. Not having much, but having more than enough.
21. Love.
22. Pizza and movie nights on Saturdays… watching the Muppet Show.
23. Daddy’s wisdom.
24. Mom’s heart.
25. Family worship. Growing up being led to Jesus.
26. Sitting on the swing with Mom. Our “counseling sessions”.
27. They are my biggest cheerleaders, thinking I can do anything and encouraging me every step of the way.
28. Sacrifice.
29. Their example. I’d give anything to have a love as deep as theirs.
30. Daddy’s humility. He truly has no idea how wonderful and gifted he is.
31. The way no one is a stranger to Mom.
32. Their home exudes comfort.
33. Commitment. To each other. To us. To others. To God.
34. Ruthless trust. They have weathered many storms, and even in struggle have never given up.
35. Reading and recommending good books with and to each other.
36. Picking up the phone (almost every day) and hearing Mom’s voice.
37. A grace-filled home.
38. Togetherness. Playing games. Laughing, walking, talking, living life.
39. The way they will drop anything and everything to help someone in need.
40. Years. FORTY of them! And here’s to MANY more.

Happy anniversary, Mom & Daddy!

8 responses to “40 Years”

  1. Happy Anniversary, John and Jeanine! And thanks for being everything Angie listed, and so much more. What a wonderful example you were, not only to your own family, but to all of us who had the joy and privilege of being welcomed in your home.


  2. Rejoicing with and for you, Angie, for your being blessed with your dear parents (who are also dear to us), as well as their being blessed with you, and your family (who are also dear to us)!!!


  3. Awww….what a great tribute to your parents:)
    And what a great blessing to grow up in a home like that!


  4. Happy anniversary to you both. Here’s to love and lots of it!


  5. Well said ‘sis! I couldn’t have put it better. God has blessed us with WONDERFUL parents! Happy 40th Mom & Dad!


  6. Angie, I rejoice with you at God’s giving your parents 40 years. They are some of our dearest, oldest friends, and we treasure them and you and your family now. Oh, the fruit of following Jesus through the years…and into eternity.


  7. Wow! Let me tell you how this post about your parents encouraged me today. Steve and I celebrated our 17th anniversary on Sunday. It has been a difficult growing season for us and our family (meaning our children who must live with US as their parents with all of our messy issues and them unknowingly setting off all of our triggers). So it wasn’t a “sunshine and roses” anniversary, but more of a “let’s keep at this for another year, I’ll continue going to counselling if you will, God is faithful” kind of celebration.

    There was love and joy amidst the messiness of life and the gift of another year together, though we are guaranteed nothing. I wonder what our children will remember when we have been married for 40 years. I don’t think it will look like your list which is amazing, but I hope there is something about the time when they realized that Mom and Dad were pretty messed up and life was crazy, but Jesus was with us and after it got worse it got a lot better and then there was more grace for everyone.

    January 4 is an awesome date to celebrate! Congratulations to your parents! We hope to follow in their steps.


  8. I love this!

    My husband turned 40 in December and I wrote him a list of 40 things to do this year. Lots of fun.


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