Sickness Comes On Horseback…

…but leaves on foot. (Ancient Proverb)

My hubby is on day 6 of the flu and finally feeling better although very tired. My buddy is on day three. Bear and Bella are on day one. I find it ironic that I am the only healthy one in the house. Brian said it best, “If you haven’t seen us by Wednesday, send help!”

5 responses to “Sickness Comes On Horseback…”

  1. 😦 Praying for HEALTH. and REST. love you.


  2. Just said a prayer for your entire family!!!


  3. Oh, man girl! I wish I could do something for you guys. More prayers are coming your way!


  4. I am so sorry! I hope YOU are able to care for the sick ones. We just all had the stomach bug last week & it is NO fun! I hope they are all well soon. Love & prayers, Chanley


  5. Praying for you all. Sounds like no fun at all!


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