Of Doctors And Idiots And House Calls

The ministry of doctors and nurses appeared to me more than ever before as a divine thing then, and I felt that our Lord Jesus, beholding them, must love them, and greatly desire to work together with them, laying His hand upon theirs as they work, in guidance and benediction. (~Amy Carmichael)

So. if you’ve kept up with me at all either here or through Facebook, you know that my family has the flu. Yesterday my Asher’s fever spiked to 105.5°. Yep, that’s right. 105.5°! I tried really hard not to freak out. I knew all the right things to do to bring his fever down, and I could get him down to a paltry 104.8°. So we placed the call to our family doctor and friend to find out if we were facing a visit to the good ol’ ER. You know what he said in his thick Alabama drawl?

“I’m headed your way for a church meeting. I’ll just stop on by and check on Asher.”

Brian warned him that he may not want to set foot in our plague-infested home and he laughed. “Oh, I’ll be all right. I’m around sick people all the time. I think the Lord takes care of doctors and idiots.”

Well, there you have it.

He arrived in the evening and listened to lungs and looked in ears and Bella watched in wonder. Then she finally piped up with, “Why don’t you look at me?” (She has no self-image issues at all.) So he took the time to listen and look and pay her the attention she thought she deserved. Giving Ash a clean bill of no pneumonia or strep (thank you, Lord), he prayed for us then headed on his way.

Okay. Can I just tell you how much that ministered to Bri and me?

We have seen the divine through our beloved doctor.

5 responses to “Of Doctors And Idiots And House Calls”

  1. I am in tears! Praise God for people like that. What an incredible man! I LOVE the quote at the top!


  2. What a great man! We need more doctors like this – truly touched by God to do His work.

    Praying that you are all feeling better very soon.


  3. Praying that good health sweeps your house soon enough and that there will be no more fevers!! love to all!



  4. Loved the title of your blog entry! 🙂 I remember the days of doctors’ housecalls. (Yes, I’m that old!) Hope everyone is healthy soon.
    Ruth Weaver


  5. That is wonderful. And I love what he said about doctors and idiots. Made me laugh!


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