“Danger Will Robinson!”

That’s what I shout every time I am exiting my bedroom to go put dishes in the sink or head to the bathroom. Then my parents scurry away and maintain a safe distance from me in hopes that they won’t become irradiated. (It’s a Lost in Space reference for all you young readers out there.)

Yes. I am at my parents’ home. I was never admitted to the hospital, because they kept my dosage just under the federally regulated amount for hospital admission. My sweet hubby came down tonight to see me and get my laptop working. Then he sat in the doorway to my room and ate supper with me, and we joked about how this is what our life will be like when we are old. I should have turned on Wheel Of Fortune. Then he headed home so I could video chat with my littles, and we blew kisses and I tried not to cry.

When I was home on Tuesday night but unable to touch my children, it was agony. And I realized how each of my children are handling it. Bella has no understanding, just that she wants Mommy and Mommy can’t hold her. Bear followed me around the house at a 3 foot distance, saying, “I’ll just stay right here, Mommy, so you can see me all the time.” Before bed, he hugged me (a quick hug is allowed) and said, “Mommy, I’ll never, ever forget you.” Okay, break my heart to pieces. My buddy understands, and all he told me over and over was how much he was going to miss me, but at least he understands why, as evidenced by this conversation they had yesterday with Bri’s mom.

Bear: This is bad for Mommy.

Buddy: No, this is good for Mommy.

Bear: No, this is bad for Mommy.

Buddy: No, this is good for Mommy. It will make her better.

Bear: This is bad for Mommy.

Buddy: No, this is good for Mommy.

And so it continued until Bear finally said, “No, this is bad for Mommy for me.”


I keep grasping at perspective. There are soldiers overseas who don’t see their families for months, people hospitalized who can’t be visited by their children for weeks, parents who are divorced and share their children, and so many more. No, it doesn’t minimize what I’m going through, but it helps me get through it.

I am doing well.. some physical side effects and pain, but I am fairly comfortable, and it is good to be at Mom & Daddy’s rather than in some hospital somewhere. I am reading, praying, resting, watching TV… and soon I’ll be playing Scrabble online with Nat…not too stir crazy yet.

Over the next few days, I’ll be MIA for a bit other than some quotes and fun things I have in my queue all ready to be posted.

Please know how much I appreciate your prayers. God is ministering to me through you.

11 responses to ““Danger Will Robinson!””

  1. God bless you Angie. You help to keep me in perspective too when I am going stir crazy with my kids and praying for a break. I am glad to have them around. I am praying that when this is over it will truly be OVER!!


  2. So glad you didn’t have to be admitted and stay at the hospital any longer than necessary. Thanks for the updates. Do you have your cell phone? How should I contact you by phone?
    Love you friend!


  3. Austen Sandifer Williams Avatar
    Austen Sandifer Williams

    Angie – You and your family are on my church’s prayer chain. You show such courage and grace. May Jesus’ warm embrace continue to comfort and strengthen you.


  4. Dear Angie,

    Praying for you and your family.


  5. Hi Angie,

    The Buck Rogers reference is funny! I must admit I am old enough to get that. πŸ™‚

    Glad to know you’re able to stay with family. Bet your folks are taking good care of you and spoiling you all they can.

    My daughter (14yo) would recommend throwing in some I Love Lucy DVD’s. There her favorite & always make her day better.

    Thinking of you.


  6. Hey Angie, I thought of you as soon as I got up this morning and started to pray for you and your family. Thank you for the update. I’m glad you are “comfortable” and I’m glad you’ve been out of a yucky hospital room. That is good news. Love, Kelly


  7. My sweet daughter in the Lord,

    It is so special to share with you in your victory because of His commitment to us.

    My precious one, we both know as Mother’s, what your Mother and Father are going through. The hours of seeing your child go through a trial and to see the times of crying out to God is heart wrenching. My dear one I want you to know I feel your agony. I weep with you and rejoice with you.

    May His grace, mercy and peace and the fellowship of the Father and the Son be yours in fullest measure and also to your precious family.

    In His love we can bear up under anything that comes our way. His love believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all thing May we know the vastness of this glorious love.

    Blessing and love to you,


  8. Still praying for you lady. I’m glad to see you have your humor with the “danger will robinson” thing. Hilarious.

    Hang in there. I will pray for time to fly miraculously by.


  9. Re perspectives…I once heard a radio personality (with whom I normally disagreed) say that it does no good to compare yourself with others who are less fortunate, because when you’re sad, you’re sad. You can have more, be more, live more, love more, but if you’re sad, you’re sad. That stuck with me for some reason. I suspect that’s kind of what you’re feeling…you miss your babies.

    It’s difficult to hear what your children are going through. They are so young and don’t understand. But then the oldest, well he does understand, and perhaps it’s better to not understand… I pray for each of them every night, and for you, that you emerge through this tunnel with peace and strength.


  10. I am so glad that you did not have to stay the night in the hospital and that the staff was so much better the second trip over there! Also….I really like Wheel of Fortune and look forward to watching it nights when Ivan works….I am even a member of the Wheel Watcher Club πŸ™‚ I am praying for you and your family and so glad that you are able to talk and video chat with them.

    With Love,


  11. Angie,
    I don’t have much more to say than what the others before me have said, but just wanted to let you know how my heart goes out to you, and your children, and Brian…I understand the separation thing…been there a few times, not for cancer but other health issues..I know it’s so so hard…but your children are so blessed with the security they’ve had from a loving family, and from grandparents who love them so much also. They will be OK. Nobody would choose this, it’s not fair and we wonder, how in the WORLD could God bring any good from this, but He will. And that He is the Good Shepard who watches over His sheep, so know the Lord is with you and watching over you. Praying, Carol


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