Quick update…

Yesterday Angie and I spent the day over at The University Medical Center again… this time it was a much better experience. All of the folks we dealt with were very helpful! I’m sure she will write a more comprehensive update later, but the short story is they were able to run the second part of her iodine scan from Monday as well as a CT scan and a sonogram of her neck. They did find more remnants of the thyroid cancer in the thyroid bed, wrapped somewhat around her trachea where it would have probably been hidden by scar tissue when she was in surgery. Armed with good pictures of her neck and the tumor cells they went ahead with her treatment dose of radioactive iodine yesterday afternoon.

I dropped her off last night at her parent’s house where she will have to be isolated from adults for 6 days, and from our kids for 3 full weeks. That’s going to be very hard on her. At the moment the plan is for her to stay down there until a week from Sunday and then come home and we’ll confine her to the bedroom for the duration. The good news was that they aren’t being as stringent as we thought they might on what she’s allowed to come into contact with, so she has her cell phone (and can use it) and her laptop. I’m taking a wireless router down tonight so she can be online– her lifeline. When I had the kids call last night they were complaining that we weren’t using the computer so they could see her… so it will be great for her to be able to video-chat with the kids. (spoiled by tech? not our kids!)

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!!

5 responses to “Quick update…”

  1. Praise God for little blessings!


  2. So glad to hear that the treatment has happened, and that she will be able to use her phone and laptop! What would we do without technology. And I’m glad to hear that THE University treated her well.

    Angie, looking foward to hearing from you! Know that I’ve been thinking, praying and hoping for your peace of mind through all of this. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to be away from the kids and your husband. Keep holding on.


  3. I must have been commenting on your other post, just as this was being posted…so glad to hear the treatment has started and that technology will actually be useful!
    Praying for you all!


  4. So glad things went better this time! Praise God. I’m glad she’s able to use modern technology to connect to you guys! Praying for you all!



  5. Oh, Angie, I had no idea. I am a little behind in reading here. I’m glad you can be at your parents house. I pray God gives you much grace for each day-I know it is hard! Hang in there!

    Much Love,


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