The Impact Of The Word Stunning

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life In America released a survey of Americans last summer. This is what they wrote:

“There is a stunning lack of alignment between people’s practices and their professed faith.”


2 responses to “The Impact Of The Word Stunning”

  1. Angie, it’s so good to “talk” with you this way. And yes, I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot! It’s what is called by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane “the Gospel gap.” They say that II Peter 1:3-9 describes this gap better than any other passage. The symtoms of the gap are described in vs. 9, “that there are people who know the Lord but whose lives fail to produce the expected fruit of faith. Their lives are not characterized by peaceful, loving relationships, a sweet, natural, day-by-day worship of the Lord, a wholesome and balanced relationship to material things, and ongoing spiritual growth.” Why not? Peter says in these verses that they are nearsighted and blind, having forgotten that they have been cleansed from their past sins.
    The authors go on to explain things that can fill the Gospel gap in our lives, things like formalism and legalism. Then they give five Gospel perspectives: the extent and gravity of our sin; the centrality of the heart; the present benefits of Christ; God’s call to growth and change; and a lifestyle of repentance and faith. Whew! This is deep stuff…but it’s real and satisfying. The first chapter ends with hope: “If you are Christ’s child, there is hope for you! It is not based on who you are or what you know. Your hope is Jesus! He lives in you and, because of that, you have a reason to celebrate each new day.” OK…I can live on that hope! And I can pray with confidence to that same Jesus to give you hope in the midst of all you don’t have right now. Angie, you are downright gifted at making Gospel connections. Sending much love your way…


  2. Angie I too have been thinking of this in regard to my own life! I could not of said it better than Julie above and I am going to check that book out for my bible study group!


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