Today I fell in love with Brian’s smile all over again (he has the best smile EVER).

Today I had coffee with my mom (delectable nectar).

Today I took a huge bite of onion rings and sighed deeply (mouth-watering good).

Today I sat across the table from my hubby and my friend and I ate in a public place (instead of my bedroom at my parents’ house).

Today I looked at two little old ladies and a little old man coming into Dave’s and told Bri and Stat how that was us in 50 years (Stat was the one in the trendy sunglasses).

Today I wondered if I’d make it 50 more years (and I looked at Bri and I asked God, “please?”).

Today I went into my house for the first time in seven days for a quick visit (and it felt surreal).

Today I saw my Bear’s dimples and my Bella’s sparkly eyes (and I hated that my Ash was at school).

Today I didn’t care about the cacophony of noise (because I was with my babies).

Today I thanked my mother-in-law in person for flying out to help us (I am so blessed by her sacrifice).

Today I heard Stat propose to my son (he said “no”).

Today I watched my children say good-bye to my friend (and I hated it).

Today I listened to a Kanye West song (and actually liked it).

Today I cried buckets (again).

Today I hugged my B for a whole five seconds (five seconds of wonderful).

Today I was completely vulnerable (and it didn’t scare her away).

Today I prayed (and God answered “yes”).

Today I wished my friend, Jen, a happy birthday (and it was so good to hear her voice).

Today I video chatted with my babies (now if only butterfly kisses could be felt through my laptop).

Today I realized how much I need… no, how much I crave physical touch (it’s a literal ache in my chest).

Today I am thankful for today (because I still have today).

13 responses to “Today”

  1. Amen.

    Praising God for your today (and mine). I love you today and everyday. Sending you a hug today (wishing I could give u a real one 😦 .)


  2. I’m still praying lots, and just like Nat, sending you hugs! Love you, dear Angie.


  3. It sounds like it was a wonderful day Angie. And I think it’s only going to get better!


  4. Each day is a blessing, is it not? Perhaps I will be a little more grateful for my “today.” (even if it includes germ infested bathrooms that need to be scrubbed so the rest of us don’t get the plague.) I hope the rest of this day is equally wonderful.


  5. I have been thinking of you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I pray everything is back to “normal” soon!


  6. Reading your blog reminded me of that hymn “Count your many blessings, name them one by one”. Sounds as if you did have a wonderful day.


  7. i can’t believe mike doesn’t want to marry me.


  8. Beautiful post! You moved me to tears lady. We call our Asher “Ash” too. And “The Ash Man” 🙂
    AND I liked a Kanye West song for the first time too. It’s a new one and I can’t remember what it’s called, but he sounds all electronic on it. Like that helps me narrow it down. Sigh…
    I LOVE this post. It’s really about the “ordinary” things, isn’t it?


  9. What a beautiful day. I continue to keep you in my prayers and hope these good days keep coming.


  10. What a great day! Thank-you for sharing it :).


  11. what a great day!!! real hugs are the best!


  12. These blessings are huge! What you will cherish because of this, thanks for this reminder! Praying for more good days soon!


  13. THAT sounds like a wonderful day. I pray you’ll have countless more.


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