The Results Are In… Sort Of

So, I spoke with a doctor today… finally! He was very pleasant with his British accent and calling my Bri a “clever fellow” because he was impressed with how much Bri actually understood about what was going on with my radiation and half-life and nuclear medicine. I glowed and bragged about how intelligent my husband is, because, well, he is. Extremely intelligent. In fact, there are days when I just sit in awe of how much he knows. He’s the brains, I’m the beauty… well, except for the fact that he’s beautiful, too. So I guess he’s the brains and the beauty. I just waste time frying my brains watching the train wreck that is The Tyra Banks Show. Did I just say that? Seriously, y’all. I watched her one time. One time. And I think I lost half my brain cells. AAUUGGHH!

Where was I?

Oh, yes, the doctor. He said my scan looks good. No tumor spread beyond what they had originally seen and are treating which is a very good thing. There is residual radiation that will remain in my body for 80 days, and I’m not allowed any mass transit. He told me if I tried to fly, Homeland Security wouldn’t be too happy with my radiation levels. Heh.

I will do more follow-up in March with my endocrinologist about how the treatment is working, future scans, etc.

In the meantime, I see my medical oncologist in a week and a half for follow up on my breast cancer treatment, and I am facing some scans again soon to watch for recurrence there. So life is returning to “normal” in the sense that I only have scans and tests facing me. That will become my new normal now, every six months or so. A necessary evil in my life. No, a necessary good. I promised Stat this morning when I dropped her off at the airport that I was done having cancer.

I am aching to hold my babies and my Brian again. When I return home I will still have to maintain distance from them; however, the doc told me that I can hug them quickly each day. In fact, he said, “If they fall and hurt themselves, you go to them and you hold them. You will hurt them more by not doing that then you will by hugging them.” I love that he understood a mama’s heart. It’s the prolonged contact that I can’t have, and he said I cannot be too careful with them because I don’t want to damage their growing cells. Ugh. (We will have help with childcare in order to help protect them. Can I just tell you how awful it feels that my children have to be protected from me? The thought of inadvertantly harming them about does me in.)

I can be around adults fairly normally, although the physical contact thing comes into play. In fact, Bri’s been banished to the couch, and we didn’t even have a fight. Because, well, we never fight. After all, he is beautiful and intelligent and I am brain-fried on daytime television, what would we have to fight about?

February 19th. That’s the date. The radiation will have reached the “safe point”, and I will be able to live life “as normal” with my family again. I will hold my babies. I will snuggle with my husband.

Until then, I will fry my brains.

I have been isolated too long.

7 responses to “The Results Are In… Sort Of”

  1. So glad the report seems good! I have been praying for you all week, that God would help you through. I ache with you and for you not being able to hold your little ones or you hubby! I am so happy your friend was able to come and share some time with you. So special! I planned to call today and then realized I didn’t have your mom and dad’s phone or your cell phone. Got Monica late afternoon and then Avery got home. Will try you next week! Love and prayers!


  2. You are too hilarious, Angie. I am entertained just reading! Thanks for the laughs. I will be happy for your when you are home. Even more so when Feb. 19th comes-a late celebration of Valentine’s day. Glad for the good report!

    God bless!


  3. This is fantastic news!

    Tyra Banks show…I got about 3 minutes into that once, had to look away.

    I love what the doctor said, and that he understood. It’s such a blessing when there are doctors that “know.”


  4. I will be praying for you and thank you for the sweet email. I can only imagine how hard it is not to be with your boys, stay strong and think positive thoughts.


  5. Yay, Angie. Such great news! It’s so interesting how often we want what we can’t have. You in isolation are craving the chaos of children. I, in the midst of chaos, craving isolation!!! Don’t get me wrong…I love my children…but you know what I mean! Oh, to find joy in where God has us each and every day…something I pray that he will teach me. Will continue to pray for you!


  6. My brain is fryed and I have no excuse! LOL I am glad you will be back in “normal” mode soon. It sounds like you have a wonderful dr. I think isolation would be one of the hardest ways to live. I know God Never leaves us but the human touch is so powerful. I am sure you will get plenty of it over the next few weeks!


  7. Happy dancing. That’s what I did when I read this and then someone wanted something or was boiling over or something and so I had to wait to comment. Now I’m back because I’ve been thinking about you so much.

    You’re going to make it through to the 19th! The Price is Right WILL NOT help, but maybe an occasional Oprah would? Tyra? No….not that one….um….Young and the Restless? okay, I’m out of ideas. Hopefully you have cable.

    I can’t wait to hear about how good it feels to hug and HOLD your family. SOON. I can’t imagine waiting.

    Overall, I’m just so happy about the test results!


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