Aslan’s Growl (through the eyes of Julie)

One of my mom’s dear friends, Julie, has become a dear friend of mine as I have gotten older and crossed that strange boundary between parents’ friends and no longer being a child. Julie has an amazing penchant for writing, and every time I read her blog I am blown away by her insight and her heart.

An avid reader, Julie has a gift for pulling rich meaning from the words on pages both modern and from ages past. So today instead of writing myself, I’m pointing you to her words pulled from her readings of Prince Caspian, which will then point you to Christ.

A taste?

“[Aslan] urges [Lucy] not to abandon her vision of him, but to return and tell the others the way and move forward… Obedience begets obedience, in community. Oh, the grace of Christ!”

Obedience begets obedience, in community. It’s so easy to let the pendulum swing too far to liberty instead of being the iron that sharpens each other in our walking with the Lord. As we abide in Him, it will move us to obedience together.

Let’s all press forward and encourage each other in our abiding and our obedience.

Read Julie’s whole post here.

4 responses to “Aslan’s Growl (through the eyes of Julie)”

  1. I loved her post! Very convicting and encouraging! I tried to leave her a comment but it required a password set up so I skipped it but pass on to her how excellent it was please!


  2. Angie, I can’t express how honored I feel that you would link with my blog. You’ve been a Titus 2 friend to me all these months of deep trial, even if you are young enough to be my daughter. Your words have been my mainstay many a day, so I find it amazing that you’ve been encouraged by my words. “Obedience begets obedience”, indeed! I love you, as do so many others, and you will NOT fall or fail. His love keeps us all.


  3. My dearest Angie,

    My sweet one, I told you, you are truly a treasure to all who hear your confidence in Him. His seed in you is forming Christ and you are growing with a growth that belongs to Him. What a blessing it is that Julie would get in contact with you. This is so special, and so are you. I love you so much.

    In His love,


  4. Angie, your blog is like Christmas morning. I come here and find encouragement, truth, funny kid stories, priceless Bella videos, and now this treasure — Julie’s blog! Thank you for sharing this.


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