Oh To Be In Their Minds For Just One Minute

I love to listen to my children play together. Tonight was no exception. As I cleared up the dishes from supper, I heard them chattering away in the boys’ bedroom.

Buddy (always in control): Okay, here’s how we’re going to play this. We are children, but our mommy is dead.

(I’m not sure I liked where this was heading.)

Bella: But our Gwamma is still yiving?

Bear: Grandma HAS to still be alive to take care of us.

(I think there’s hidden meaning in there somewhere considering how much their grandmothers have taken care of them recently.)

Buddy: Okay. Now we are going off to fight something.

Bella: What are we fighting, Asha?

Buddy: Anything we can find.

(Oh to be a boy.)

My oldest and youngest appeared laden with weapons, sneaking through the house. I heard Bear in the room still, sorting through stuff.

Bear: Here I am guys! (I honestly don’t know if they missed him.) I locked up the house and brought all our money that our dead mommy left us so no one would steal it.

(Where do they come up with this stuff?)

I finally turned around and said, “Hey, y’all. What are you playing?”

Buddy: Well, see, we are playing that we are fighting children whose mommy died. But it’s not you, it’s our pretend mommy, because, well, see, we could never live without you.

(I’m glad we cleared that one up.)

Bear: But Mommy? Do you have a lot of money you can give us just in case?

11 responses to “Oh To Be In Their Minds For Just One Minute”

  1. Out of the mouth of babes…


  2. Grandma and Grandpa Avatar
    Grandma and Grandpa

    If you are leaving a lot of money, I want to be the Grandma that takes care of them!


  3. hilarious. you’re kids are so funny. makes me want to have kids…but I think that’s getting ahead of ourselves a little bit.


  4. Oh my… makes me want to cry. And then laugh, since they’re after your money. But they’ve sure had a lot to figure out. It’s a good thing they feel open about “getting it out” through play and talking openly with you.

    You have such great kiddos!


  5. It all comes down to money! LOL Let us know if this plot thickens! 🙂


  6. This is awesome. Remember when we would act out stories so similar in our backyard/woods on Hoover St.? For some reason we were always orphans too! Alecia still has a complex because we always made her be the mountain lion and never a real person.


  7. breaks my heart a bit, but also makes me laugh out loud!


  8. Great story. I would like to be in my kids’ minds too…they come up with some doozies . I remember telling my parents that my real royal family had to give me up but was now searching for me. They must still be looking. Roost is right, it always comes down to money. LOL!


  9. “just in case” LOL


  10. Yes, I remember the “orphange days” we were always Beth and Jonathan! We loved those names! What imaginations we had! Oh, how simple life was then. Thanks for sharing!


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