As of Friday night…

I left Angie a little while ago, tucked away in another hospital bed… word is that she’s likely going to be there for another day or two. It’s good to know she’s being cared for, but very hard on all of us to have her away again. Today a specialist came to take a look and seemed pleased with her progress so far, and blood work showed that the infection hasn’t spread to her bloodstream. That’s very good! She is in pain and feels pretty rotten, and didn’t get much sleep last night. Today they moved her roommate though, so hopefully she’ll be able to rest tonight.

Overall she’s not in great spirits. It’s very hard to deal with this so close on the heels of her radioactive iodine treatment. Again she’s alone and sick; again we’ve had to delay getting back to a ‘normal’ routine. The kids are dealing with it pretty well, but they miss her a lot. All of them have verbalized it, and all of them are a little out of sorts. We are praying that Mommy will come home tomorrow so we can take care of her!

9 responses to “As of Friday night…”

  1. My dear brother Brian,

    He is true to His word and this is another time for our great salvation to come forth again and again and that is this: He causes all things, not just some things, to work together for our good for those who love Him and those who are called according to His purpose, and the outcome will be that it is for those who will be more like His Son. What a forming, He is forming Christ in us and we are growing up into Christ even His head. His seed in us is producing His divine nature that we are partakers of.

    Tell my precious Angie that I share in her burden, but also remind her that we are going to stay the course. He who has called us is able to deliver us out of all of our afflictions.

    May His grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you both and your family in fullest measure.

    We live in victory together,


  2. Lifting Angie up to our faithful Shepherd for healing and comfort. We love her and you from afar. Waiting for better news soon.


  3. Hey Brian, I am praying for you and Angie too. Kelly


  4. Praying for you ALL! I so strongly believe there is a season for everything, but I am so strongly praying for you all that this Season is OVER soon and all is well! It’s when friends are sufferring that it’s hardest for me to understand this.
    I once told God I was ‘done’ with the Season he had me in and he answered my prayers – I’ve told him your ‘done’ with this season and I’m praying he listens to me and the many many others who are telling him the same thing!


  5. Ugh, I just got caught up here. I’m so sorry. Angie, I’ll be praying harder. Peace to you,


  6. Praying for you ALL—praying that Ang will be able to be home soon and that life would return to “normal”. I’m so thankful the infection hasn’t moved beyond where it is and continue to pray that she gets better night’s sleep. Praying for you and the kids as you have to deal with this thing!

    Much love and prayers,


  7. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers abound!


  8. Still prayin’ đŸ™‚


  9. We’re praying for all of you! Wish we were closer!


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