Spring Is A Promise

Spring is a promise
in the closed fist
of a long winter. All
we have is a raw
slant of light at a low

These are the first few sentences of Luci Shaw’s poem, Spring Is A Promise. Monica begins her post with Luci’s beautiful words and then she writes the struggle of her heart and mine in her words that follow. In my heart and body weariness, I will let her words speak for me today.

Is spring really coming?

2 responses to “Spring Is A Promise”

  1. Ahhh, Angie. That’s the beauty of God. He is in control, and even if winter wanted to hang on forever it would not be able. Spring is coming and nothing can stop it. Healing is coming and nothing can stop it either!! I’m praying.


  2. Girl, it’s coming. Sometimes it just doesn’t look the way we expected it to. Glad you are home. Praying you are healing…


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