Satan’s Just A Mean Ol’ Thang

The onslaught of fiery arrows has been fierce these past few days, as I have struggled through more physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I am exhausted from the daily battle against the whisperings of Satan. He’s a crafty one. Or as my sweet friend, Beth, said Sunday on the phone, “Oh, that Satan’s just a mean ol’ thang.” No one puts it quite like Beth.

It is hard to fight those whispers. To choose to look at the good rather than the bad. Satan is always prowling about waiting for just the right time to launch his attack…

He floods my minds with doubts of God’s love. Doubts of Brian’s love. After all, how could Bri still love me after all of this… this ugliness and brutality, this pain and suffering that have changed me in so many ways? And how could God love me and allow this to happen? Doubts of my friendships creep in. The loneliness of isolation and the lack of physical presence is hard. He loves to remind me of promises made but not kept, of people who have abandoned me in my pain, of words spoken and failure to follow through, of those who began this journey with me, but turned another path when they tired of my struggle. He wants me to focus on my sin and become discouraged. To see my failings as a mother, wife, daughter, friend. Satan longs for me to be self-consumed, because when I only see myself I cannot see my Savior.

And so I fight. I preach truth to myself. I beg for a daily mind transformation. A mind that believes God is faithful and loves me no matter what. Eyes to see my Brian’s heart for me, that he is there for me because he loves me, not because he has to be. I remind myself of how many are praying for me, encouraging me, lifting me up… of the close friends who are faithful to visit and call and write. I remind myself of my own failings to others when my expectations of them become unreasonable. And I preach the gospel to myself daily. I am redeemed, new, forgiven and guiltless. I fix my eyes on Him, because He alone is my strength in this battle.

When Satan brings his onslaught, it is a mighty thing. He is bringing all the power of hell against me. But as my daddy reminded me the other day, we are promised that when we submit to God and resist the devil, he will flee from us. Think about that y’all. Because of Christ, we have the power to make the devil flee! My armor is on… the full armor of God. And I stand for battle. Daily.

Sure, there are days where I have no strength left for the fight. That is when my friends step in, and they pick up “the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God” and place it back in my hand, reminding me of His truths. There are times when others hold my “shield of faith” for me, because my arms are too weary. And I hold on to faith, because faith will always point to God and His promises.

There are days when my feet, shod with the Gospel of Peace, are afraid to move. But they still stand firm, because that Gospel of Peace, it promises me I have a future and a hope. My helmet of salvation? That can’t be taken away from me. Ever!

I wear my belt of truth proudly, knowing that the truth is what frees me to fight. If I am not immersed in truth, I will fall prey to confusion and be crippled by spiritual doubt. If I do not live as a theologian and know and stand for truth, then I will fall for anything.

I wear his righteousness. My breastplate. And that is impenetrable, because Satan cannot stand against the atoning work of Christ. When I delight in Christ alone, when I glory in His victory, it is then that Satan flees.

And I pray. I pray for strength to put on that armor daily and fight. I pray for eyes to remain fixed on Him.

And I praise. I praise Him for the victory I know I have, because He has already won.

Yes, y’all, that Satan is a mean ol’ thang. He loves to divide, to whisper, to destroy, to subtly move in and work against me. But God, my God, is for me, and I fight. Even in my weariness, I know that as I bow in submission to my Father, I resist the devil, and he is running.

And that is a sight for my mind’s eye to behold!

10 responses to “Satan’s Just A Mean Ol’ Thang”

  1. Angie,
    WOW! What truths, what glorious truths! You (or should I say Beth) are so right, Satan is a mean old thang. He has no power over us. May God give all of us the grace to look to Jesus and Satan will flee from us. What a wonderful promise from God.

    I love the way you can write and I love you!


  2. Dear Angie…

    One reading of this post is just not enough. I have lingered over your words. Surely you have ‘preached the gospel’ to my heart as well. Thank you…

    You echo my heart in so many ways. And even though my steps may falter as well, may I reach across this expanse of cyber… and be one of those who lifts the armor, places it in your hand and gently forms your fingers around the weapon. May we stand shoulder to shoulder against our enemy… emboldened with the knowledge that our God – our Shield – will prevail.

    Praying for you this day…


  3. Ang, when I finished reading your post I said to myself, “That sounded like a psalm.” What great truth, sister.
    Holding you up in prayer.


  4. Wow! Those are just the words that I needed this morning. (Well, actually I needed them yesterday afternoon, but I’ll take them this morning). 🙂 I am already tired of the fight and I’ve only just begun. I feel hopeless and frustrated that the fight will never be over, that the battle(s) against Satan and the voices of evil is a daily thing. May I, like you, continue to fight, preach truth to myself, and beg daily for a mind transformation. Thank you for pointing me to Christ and His provision of armor for me. I love you.


  5. The MEANEST & CURLIEST of things….He is! And His # 1 weapon is LIES, LIES, LIES…..The truth sets you FREE…..Keep fighting with TRUTH! And WE will keep interceding with you in the battle. More importantly CHRIST sits by the father speaking your precious name over and over!


  6. Yes, Angie, you have seen the enemy for what he is…and he wants us to fear everything but God. I just learned today in Bible study that an acrostic for fear is “false evidence appearing real.” The enemy indeed doesn’t play fair and has no rules of engagement. Another point in the lesson was, “Those God uses greatly seem to greatly battle fear. Therefore, we may battle fear but we must not let it win.” God is greatly using you in our lives as you do battle as God’s warrior. Bottom line is, you make me want to praise our God with you and for you. “Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me.” (Ps. 56:9) I love you!


  7. Angie,
    What a beautiful post! Keep fighting that ‘mean ‘ol Satain’ because if anyone can win – it’s you! Your Faith and strength are an inspiration.


  8. Angie, my precious adopted daughter,

    You preach this well with your life. He has equipped you to speak forth His word. You are such a blessing to your Mom. For a Mother to know that their child is in the hands of God, she can lay down in a sweet peace, because she knows that the God of the universe, who has called her to be a Mother, is sustaining her in her devotion to this calling.

    What a blessing it was to visit with you yesterday. I will be there to see you again, soon.

    May He glorify His name in all the earth.

    Love and blessings,


  9. I was reminded of C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape letters”…
    Satan’s harsh but cruel narrative. But Satan himself cannot deny God’s (whom he Satan calls the Enemy) eternal love for his people:

    Satan says: “For we must never forget what is the most repellent and inexplicable trait in our Enemy (God). He really loves the hairless bipeds he has created and always gives back to them with His right hand what He has taken away with His life… Even of his sins, the Enemy does not want him to think too much: once they are repented, the sooner the man runs his attention outward, the better the Enemy is pleased.’

    What a blessing it is to reminded who the true Enemy is…and to know the truth: that one of God’s most, if not the most, attractive trait is the love He showed through his Son, Jesus Christ.


  10. Your post is amazing-so well said and so real. You have been in my prayers and I will continue praying for you and your family.


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