Lessons Learned From A Seven-Year-Old

First off, can I just say how hard it is to type “seven-year-old”!? When did that happen? How did that happen? He seems so old. (And don’t even tell me, “Wait until you type “seventeen-year-old”. I’m in denial that time will continue.)

Last night, after reading the Bible story of Balaam and his donkey, Bri and I asked the children what they could learn from this. Bella just sang something made up because, well, she’s two and that’s what she does. Bear kept scrunching up his face and saying, “I don’t know.” Buddy, on the other hand, had ALL the answers. Here are a few keepers.

B: We should always listen to what God says.
M & D: And how do we know what God says?
B: It’s in our hearts. God wrote it there.
M & D: Yes. He gave us our conscience. And how else do we know?
B: The Holy Spirit! God gave him to us to live in our hearts.
M & D: Yes, He did. And how do we know what God says?
B: The Bible. That’s God’s Word.
M & D: Very good. What else can you learn from this?
B: Well, that some people want money more than God and that’s not good.
M & D: Yes. God should always come first in our lives. Anything else?

My personal favorite… it actually came first, but I had to end on it.

B: You should always look ahead of you beFORE you beat your animal.

Guess he won’t be making any friends with PETA, huh?

6 responses to “Lessons Learned From A Seven-Year-Old”

  1. out of the mouths of babes…..


  2. Mr. Buddy will be preaching somewhere one day =)


  3. Thanks for the giggle – it was a nice break from this very stressful basketball game!


  4. Oh, thank you for the morning laugh. That was such a sweet commentary and then that last one…what a bright guy! Hilarious.


  5. Grandma and Grandad Avatar
    Grandma and Grandad

    We are laughing out loud!
    Loving you all,
    Grandma and Grandad


  6. Boy, this was a day brightener for sure on a cold, gloomy Saturday!


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