And Yet More Theological Moments

Yesterday morning as Joe walked us through more of the Exodus series our church is going through, he had all the firstborn males in the room stand. It was a picture of just how many Egyptians suffered under the final plague. As I watched, my Asher stood next to his daddy, also a firstborn. He then sat down and pumped his fist, “Mommy, I got to stand up in church.” he whispered excitedly. I leaned over, smiling, “Do you know why you stood up?

Those big ol’ brown eyes stared solemnly up at me, “I would be dead right now if I were in Egypt. When the angel passed over.

I whispered back, “Would you?

Oh wait!” He shot his finger up in the air. “No, I wouldn’t. Daddy and you would have put blood on the doors and obeyed God.

I smiled, putting my arm around him and pulling him close. “Mommy?” those brown eyes gleamed brightly now. “I sure am glad for Jesus’ blood.

Me, too, Buddy. So very glad.

Then there was my Bear, as I read to the kids this morning from their Bible. “Mommy, Joshua was afraid because he was the new leader. That’s a big job.

Yes, Bear, a very big job!

But, Mommy. God promises He’s always with us. Always. And God never breaks His promises. That makes me feel happy.

Oh, yes, Bear. So very happy.

And I think this morning, Audrey Belle summed it up very nicely when she woke up, curled in my lap, and said, “Mommy, God is a wonderfully amazing God.

Wonderfully amazing.

I have nothing to add.

5 responses to “And Yet More Theological Moments”

  1. Seriously Angie…are those really stories about your KIDS or did you use some stories about mature grown-ups?! Good stuff.


  2. Be still my heart. In giving God all the glory of course, I’m still going to say that you and your husband have done an amazing job instilling a knowledge of the love and hope there is to be found in God. Bravo, mom and dad, bravo!!!


  3. What sweet theological reflection! So well understood in their growing heart!

    “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”
    2 Peter 3:18


  4. Angie it makes my heart smile to read about your children 🙂


  5. They said it all! Amen and the angels are singing!=)


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