In The Midst Of Basketball Season, We’re Talking Football

Today I was folding clothes while the littles were eating lunch. Every time we fold clothes, it’s a game. I say my pants are Daddy’s and Bear laughs every time, “Noooo, Mommy, those aren’t Daaaaaaddy’s.” And on and on it goes. I grabbed Ash’s Green Bay Packers long-sleeved tee and said, “Well, I better put this in the Bear pile since it’s your favorite team.

No, Mommy,” that grin gets me every time, “That’s Asher’s favorite team.

It is? Well, who is your favorite team?

He cocked his head, “The Jets.”

I think I visibly reacted in my shock. Where did that even come from? “Really?” I asked, “The Jets? Why are they your favorite team?

Well,” he stopped to chew his pizza (because I’m all about nutritious, delicious, healthy lunches). “Because jets go fast and I like to ride in jet skis.

The boy has never even seen a jet ski much less ridden in one.

His logic amazes me.

I continued to fold. His hand-me-down Redskins jersey showed up, and I said, “Well, I guess we’ll give this away since you like the Jets now.” I teased.

Nooo, Mommy.” That giggle gets me every time, too. “The Redskins are my second favorite team. And the Cowboys are my third favorite.

Obviously, he doesn’t understand the concept of Conferences and rivalries.

He chewed a bit more, than he said thoughtfully, “I don’t root for the Cowboys very often.

Why is that, Bear?” I asked.

Hmmmmm… Well, they just don’t play very nice.

Oh, the blow to my heart!

He listens to his daddy way too much.

(And I know there are too many of you Redskins fans who are pumping your fists and coming up with all kinds of snide comments to make.)

Just remember, though, the JETS are his favorite team! Take into consideration that this IS Bear, and by this evening, he’ll have forgotten our whole conversation.

Now, back to folding more laundry. I wonder what else I’ll learn today?

4 responses to “In The Midst Of Basketball Season, We’re Talking Football”

  1. Too cute! I love how little ones think!


  2. What a refreshing post in the midst of bball season! As my team bowed out rather ungracefully in the first round – I’m ready for the pigskin!

    Were I not a die-hard Steelers girl, I might like Bear’s logic :).


  3. James and I are laughing at this post….love that Bear.


  4. I think I am going with Bear this year! WInk


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