Yipstick and Hot Dates

This past weekend my dear friend, Monica, came for a visit (more on that to come). While here, Bella fell in love with Moni’s “yipstick case” for her “yip gwoss”. Bella got more lip gloss in her birthday party treat bag from Asher’s Jedi Party (more on that to come, too.) Moni left her lipstick case here for Bella, as well as a second lip gloss, which she puts on constantly and carries around in her little pink purse.

This morning while playing cars with Bear and Bella, I had McQueen, she had Sally. After she went through the car wash, I told her to have Sally meet McQueen at the cinema for a movie date.

Hold on, Mommy!” she gleefully shouted. She ran to her purse, pulled out her “yipstick case”. “I have to get my yipstick on first, Mommy. Before my hot date!

We are in major trouble in 10 years.

Major trouble.

6 responses to “Yipstick and Hot Dates”

  1. I wonder where she has heard about “hot” dates? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love that girl! I have a forever image in my mind of her sweet little lips with multiple layers of her purple yipstick!


  2. So so cute – and funny – and yes, major trouble in 10 years!

    So happy for you for this wonderful, happy day you had with your kiddos! May they continue :)!!


  3. Well that is just TOO cute! Where does she hear about hot dates, anyway?!

    I’ve been thinking about you lately, and wondering how you are doing. Hope you are feeling much better!


  4. maybe I should take bella’s advice for my next hot date (…maybe that was the missing piece on my last hot date?) she’s too cute.


  5. My dearest Angie,

    Your little girl is a ray of sunshine. She is truly a chip off the ole block. Tell this precious little one that I love her and that she is a little princess.

    Love and kisses to both of you.

    In His love,


  6. I LOVE IT! Nellie loves her yipstick and yepgwoss, too. She’s very specific – MUST BE PINK! At a loss for how to handle her being rambunctious during an interview the other day, I let her ransack my purse. She settled down immediately, and layered on at least 20 rounds of bubble-gum pink yipstick while the RA candidate answered our questions. Hey – she was quiet! One of the questions – how do you feel about toddlers? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hot date – too funny! I think I heard Brian say one day we were discussing the girls……”we’re doomed”. I agree that you’re in for quite an experience with that one when she hits dating age!


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