It’s All In A Name: Part Two

Asher is most blessed of sons…
Your sandals shall be iron and bronze;
as your days so shall your strength be.
(Deuteronomy 33:24-25)


We shall be given shoes of iron. We shall find the unendurable, endurable, the impossible, possible… Not all God’s children, I suppose, have iron shoes–only the ones who need them. Lord, you know what we need…

There is in Him no variableness or even a shadow caused by turning. If it’s iron shoes we need, they will be provided.

~Elisabeth Eliot, Keep A Quiet Heart

Little did I know when we chose his beautiful name, what a daily reminder he would be of the strength and grace God gives us for each day! Praising God for the iron shoes He’s given me and dreaming the impossibilities of every day with my little man.

3 responses to “It’s All In A Name: Part Two”

  1. Grandma and Grandaddy Avatar
    Grandma and Grandaddy

    And yet another blessing to us. We are thankful for your “little man”. We love him so.

    Grandma and Grandaddy


  2. I love his name. So different and strong! 🙂


  3. That quote (and verse) got me all choked up. Our Asher has definitely needed his iron shoes. I’m so thankful God provides that strength.

    You have great taste in names (;


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