Wednesday Worship: There Is A Reason

Yes, I’m hurting, in so many ways and for so many people.

But hurting brings my heart to Him, in so many ways.

He gives me eyes to see.

And there is no better place to be.

Longing for home today. Widgets

Artist: Alison Krauss
Song: There Is A Reason
Album: Alison Krauss & Union Station

I’ve seen hard times and I’ve been told
There isn’t any wonder that I fall.
Why do we suffer, crossing off the years?
There must be a reason for it all.

I’ve trusted in You, Jesus, to save me from my sin.
Heaven is the place I call my home,
But I keep on getting caught up in this world I’m living in,
And Your voice it sometimes fades before I know.

Hurtin’ brings my heart to You, crying with my need,
Depending on Your love to carry me.
The love that shed His blood for all the world to see;
This must be the reason for it all.

Hurtin’ brings my heart to You, a fortress in the storm,
When what I wrap my heart around is gone.
I give my heart so easily to the ruler of this world
When the one who loves me most will give me all.

In all the things that cause me pain You give me eyes to see.
I do believe but help my unbelief.
I’ve seen hard times, and I’ve been told
There is a reason for it all.

2 responses to “Wednesday Worship: There Is A Reason”

  1. Longing to be home with you today. Of course I have to quote a new favorite song “From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable” by Stuart Townend.

    “King of heaven now the friend of sinners
    Humble servant in the Father’s hands
    Filled with power and the Holy Spirit
    Filled with mercy for the broken man
    Yes He walked my road and He felt my pain
    Joys and sorrows that I know so well
    Yet His righteous steps give me hope again
    I will follow my Immanuel”


  2. My dearest Angie, my adopted daughter in Him,

    The soul has so many different courses that it wants to take. It will one time look at a situation and be held on course, but another time it wants to slump down in despair. I have to continually talk to mine and say as David said, “My soul why are you disquited, return to God the living God He is your salvation.” Then I speak to my soul with the word of God to be encouraged. I received the implanted word whereby it is able to save my soul. I ask the God of hope to fill me with joy and peace in believing that I may dwell in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a never ending fight, but it is a good fight, we have the instruments of righteousness to fight and win. Thank God that what we do not see is eternal.

    I stand with you in your quest to win Christ and be found in Him not having a righteouness that is derived from the law, but on the basis of faith. Our afflictions are light and momentary, lets keep walking in Him, our new life and the only hope that we have. CHRIST IN US THE HOPE OF GLORY!

    May He glorify Himself in us and us in Him,

    Love and grace be multilpied to you in the true knowledge of Him who called you by His grace.



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