What If We All Smoked?

While driving to my grandparents’ from my Aunt Louise’s, Bear and Bella began a conversation that had Bri and me in stitches. It was their first foray into seeing people who smoked over and over, and Bear was fascinated.

Bear: MOM, what if everyone in the whole world smoked?!

Me: Well, that would be something, wouldn’t it?

Bear: Then we could all go outside naked and not get cold, because we would be on fire!!

Oh, to be in his mind for two seconds.

Bella: Bear, I just saw a TIger outside the window on the HIGHway.

Bear: (pushing himself up to see out the window better) Really? Are you sure it wasn’t a lion?

Bella: It was a tiger and it had it’s mouth open like this! (opens mouth and bares teeth)

Bear: Maybe it was a lion. If I had a dog, I’d have him fight the lion.

Bellla: And the dog and lion would scratch each other and fight.

(A few more minutes of descriptive lion, tiger and dog fights ensued.)

Buddy, apparently, tired of the whole conversation, decided to end it.

Buddy: (completely deadpan) I’d never let my dog fight a lion, because then it would be DEAD.

Yes, we have renamed him Killjoy.

The rest of the ride back was in silence (save for the occasional giggle from the front seat).

6 responses to “What If We All Smoked?”

  1. Angie,

    Oh for the wonderfully pure and simplistic imagination of a childs’ mind! And praise God for the moments of soothing laughter it brings into a tainted world! Could it be….Grace?
    Still praying, Beth


  2. πŸ™‚ have they ever heard of liger…lion and tiger in one πŸ™‚
    Love you guys.


  3. This is tooooo hilarious!! Everyone running around outside naked and on fire (probably with smiles on their faces in Bears version…) is just too much~ =) Ohhh, the imaginations and laughter of children~truly balm to the soul! Never a dull moment at your house Ang~and again, thanks for sharing and putting smiles on the faces of all who read your wonderful site! Love you from clear across the country in little Lynden-town =) Jan


  4. Your kids rock. Seriously, they are so creative and funny. I love stories about them.


  5. These are the real little jewels of life! πŸ™‚


  6. Angie … I LOVE your kids! They’re the best!


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