Sunday Selections: How Great He Is!

I can’t watch this without

1.) crying

2.) getting goosebumps

3.) thinking this is how How Great Thou Art was meant to be sung (and I’m not even a big country fan)

5 responses to “Sunday Selections: How Great He Is!”

  1. I have this song on my IPod…it is definitely in my favorites! Carrie does an awesome job singing it.


  2. Jason McCall Avatar
    Jason McCall

    Thank you…the tears flow as I’m reminded of the awesome greatness of our God and King. I imagine we might hear this in heaven…


  3. I love that song and Carrie Underwood. You can tell she meant it to! Praise the Lord


  4. Um…yeah. Chills and crying over here. I’ve been really impressed with Miss Carrie Underwood, and now even more. That was just plain lovely.


  5. Ooooooh, chills! How I wish I could sing.


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