Wednesday Worship: Peace

As I have struggled to find some sense out of this new normal, I consistently find myself overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed just going to the grocery store because of the hustle and bustle, the cars on busy roads. I get overwhelmed with how cluttered my house becomes, and I can attest to the fact that cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered mind. I set foot in church and I am overcome by all the noise, the people rushing to classrooms, weaving my way through crowds. I look at the calendar and wonder how I will do it all (and there’s not much on my calendar these days).

There are days I want to scream, “Stop! Everyone just stop! Listen! Listen to the quiet!”

It is hard being overwhelmed so easily. The smallest tasks become obstacles. Going places becomes a burden. Caring for my home becomes a monumental chore.

And in the midst of it all, I want to care for my heart. I want the peace that comes from daily communion with Him. I want to shut out the chatter of the world, the attacks of the Evil One, and the lies of my own heart that tell me I’m incapable, unloved and a burden.

Despair is always hovering on the edge of my mind. I can feel it’s claws pricking away every morning when I force myself out of bed. It is hard to feel like I am merely surviving rather than just living, especially when I am done with treatment. Shouldn’t this all be over? Shouldn’t life be “normal” again?

But in the midst of it all, He comes. As He has promised. He finds me every day in my moments of despair and reminds me… “You can lean against my throne and find My peace.”


It’s hard to come by in the craziness of this world and life.


It’s offered freely in Him.

Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Song: Peace
Album: Lay It Down

He is my Light and my Salvation
Whom have I to fear
In His secret place i’ll hide and pray
That I might hear
A simple word

O how I would have despaired
If You had not come found me there
I can lean against Your throne and find my Peace
Find my Peace

And when my enemies draw near
I pray that they will find
That I’m protected and secure
All tempests He will bind
With a mighty word

O how I would have despaired
If You had not come found me there
I can lean against Your throne and find my Peace
Find my Peace

He is my Light and my Salvation whom have i to fear?

9 responses to “Wednesday Worship: Peace”

  1. I, too, get overwhelmed at times with my house so I know what you mean. I’m sorry so many things are overwhelming to you now. I wish we could sit and have a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the “more important” things…:) Love to you, God’s peace to you today!


  2. I know how overwhelmed I get at times, w/o battling illness, w/o 3 small children, I can only imagine what it is like for you. Praying for days of peace for you.


  3. I prayed for you this afternoon while I was watching my boys play in the driveway. I prayed that God will give you peace, clarity and strength.
    I will keep praying for you.


  4. If only i could drive up to your house, knock on your door and fly into your open arms. i would hide there if i could. I’ll admit, iIm being selfish here. I need this. But once i was done hiding, you better know that I would care for your heart and just sit with you in the quiet.

    Unfortunately, this is my perfect plan. Rather, His will is that i hide and pray in His secret place. And only there realize that I have nothing to fear…And His will is that I love you from afar and join many others in praying for peace for your heart and grace for our busy lives.


  5. And one day the Prince of Peace will come and restore this crazy world! 🙂 You have been through so much don’t expect too much of yourself. Praying for you today.


  6. My precious Angie,

    I share in your growth, and it can be painful to learn to walk in newness of life when the storms are raging. My sweet one, our way of looking at things come from looking unto ourselves oft times. Let’s look unto Christ, our new life, and be transformed by the renewing of our minds, by letting the mind of Christ be in us. As we have therefore received Christ Jesus let’s set our minds on things above and not the things that are on the earth, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of the Father and our life hid with Christ in God. Oh the benefits that we have by having this treasure in this earthen vessel. We can sing forth the praises of God.

    Let’s always remind each other that for us to live is CHRIST, Christ in us, a new life lived to God. Let’s draw from Him that His joy will be our strength and our joy will be made full.

    Blessings and grace to you,


  7. Not that I can say I know how you feel, because I can’t say that…
    but I have a very disturbed mind, so to speak. Always racing, worrying, overwhelmed, uneasy… so I can relate to feeling like everything is just too big and loud. And it’s true. He does come, at the very perfect moment, for a rescue.

    It’s hard to be so troubled and so full of peace at the same time. That human-ness is hard to shake off huh?

    I LOVE Jennifer Knapp. Yet another thing we have in common 🙂


  8. I love you Ang … and I love that song. Will be praying for you dear sweet friend.


  9. I feel this exhaustion, too. Sometimes it IS too loud. Sometimes I DO yell, for them to be quiet (as if that doesn’t make me sound like an idiot!). Sometimes I need the quiet more than I can believe, and yet, I rarely get it. And then it starts, all over again. The promise of a new day.

    I think we all need to slow down, just a little, and just live. Hope you find some peace.


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