A Request for Prayer

Intercession means that we rouse ourselves up to get the mind of Christ about the one for whom we pray.
~Oswald Chambers

There is a man who is loved dearly by our family. There is a man who is loved even more dearly by his family and others. There is a man who is loved most dearly by Christ.

With John’s permission, I am asking, “Would you rouse yourselves up with me and pray for our friend, John, and his family?”

Tuesday morning he will be undergoing surgery to repair a brain aneurysm. There is risk involved in such a massive operation… there is risk of stroke, brian damage, rupture and death. There is fear. Fear that John is not afraid to admit, but in the midst of his fear, there is faith. Faith that clings to a God who is good no matter what. Faith that knows when he sees his Father face to face, He will know fullness of joy. There is desire. Desire to remain and live life with his loved ones. But there is submission. Submission to the will of God Who has never made a mistake with John’s life.

He is a vibrant man who loves God and his family and friends with a ferocity that is rare. He is in love with his wife and brags about her constantly. She was once my discipler, imparting wisdom weekly to me as I struggled to figure out what marriage and family looked like. And I would give anything to have her wisdom, and a marriage and family like theirs. Three sons, fully grown, who love their Lord and love their family and friends. It’s a family that laughs together and lives together.

I could write about the years we have spent with this family, the hours in their home. But this isn’t about me. This is about John & Angie and their boys.

Would you please intercede with me?

Would you pray for peace for John as he spends this day before the surgery with his loved ones, that fear and anxiety would not find its way into their day?

Would you pray for relief from the attacks of Satan who wants the fear and doubt and unbelief that we all naturally struggle with to pervade?

Would you pray for sweet sleep tonight for John and Angie & their sons as they wait for tomorrow?

Would you pray for skill and precision on the part of the doctor? For a successful surgery and complete and full recovery?

Would you pray that John would live to have many years with his family? To see his oldest son get married in the Fall? Would you pray that this world would be blessed to be impacted by this man’s heart and example and ministry for many more years?

And would you pray for his family? For rest and trust and peace as they watch this man who has been so instrumental in their lives and so many others’ lives suffer?

Would you pray that God would be glorified through all of this? That we could all live in the peace of knowing that John is in the hands of the One Who spoke the universe into existence with a word?

There is more, I know. Please, rouse yourselves up and pray for John.

This is a man who is very dear to us. This is a man who is even more dear to others. This is a man who is most dear to Christ.

How do I know?

Because Christ’s hands are scarred with the name John.

9 responses to “A Request for Prayer”

  1. Yes… yes… I will pray.


  2. Yes, we are praying for John and all of those he loves and all the ones that love him.


  3. John and his family are blessed to have you as their friend, their advocate and their prayer warrior! And, God is glorified when you mirror His tender side, His caring and loving side and His desire for us to talk to Him. “Where two or three are gathered together (whether in a room or across the internet) He hears our prayers ~ and we trust He will answer our hearts desire for John and his family.”


  4. i’m praying too. goodnight friend.


  5. I love the Chambers quote.

    And yes, I will pray. Just wrote John on my calendar.


  6. Melissa Bruining Teeter Avatar
    Melissa Bruining Teeter

    We are praying!!


  7. Praying for this dear man and his family!


  8. Prayed and praying Angie. Keep us posted.


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